Unimpossible Missions: The University Edition

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Every day at GE, we take the impossible, and make it unimpossible. We demonstrated this recently with a series of films where we took three common expressions describing things that can’t absolutely be done. And then we went ahead and did them, one after the other.

Now it’s your turn! Using your intelligence, knowhow and a toolkit of GE technology, we want you to come up with a common expression or idiom—and then describe an experiment that disproves it.

The three students who come up with the most creative idioms and experiments will each be awarded a paid internship at one of GE’s Global Research Centers. The first place grand prize winner will also receive a up to $100,000 USD, and see their idea filmed as one of the next Unimpossible Missions.

For more details, go here: http://9sig.co/unimpossible

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