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This Week In Branded Content (September 29)

“Hollywood, in general, right now, I think the way they’re marketing movies is a very old-fashioned model that has to change. It’s not just Fox. You can say that about most of the studios. It’s this sausage factory of, X amount of movies that need to be released. OK, here’s the poster, here’s the trailer, we’re going to do billboards, we’re going to do television advertising, and there is a digital department. I keep saying, guys, the marketing department should be the digital department from now on, and then have a smaller department which is the poster department. The world’s changed, and the model in general of Hollywood is still…”

– Matthew Vaughn / Director Of Kingsman Series






Coca-Cola nets its first ever virtual athlete in Fifa 18’s rising star Alex Hunter

Coca-Cola has snapped up an unusual ambassador in the protagonist from EA Sport’s football simulator video game, Fifa 18, marking the first time it has snapped up a virtual athlete to ply its wares.


BY John McCarthy



Whisky of the Future: Johnnie Walker’s Limited-Edition ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Release Is Here

Whisky drinkers swoon over aging. But have you ever imagined what the Scotch of the future tastes like? For that matter, have you ever suspected that you’re actually a replicant? Well, wonder no more.


BY Karla Alindahao




Watch Don Rickles Chat with Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel, and More on ‘Dinner with Don’

Earlier this year it was announced that Don Rickles teamed up with AARP for a new series called Dinner with Don, and while Rickles passed away just a couple weeks after the announcement, the series had already been completed by then, making it the final project of his career. Thankfully, today AARP dropped all the episodes on YouTube, including Rickles’s chats with comedians and actors like Zach Galifianakis, Jimmy Kimmel, Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman, Billy Crystal, Paul Rudd, and of course Snoop Dogg. comedy.


BY Megh Wright



‘Life in Hel’: Man to live in Helsinki Airport for 30 days

Meet the man living in an airport: Most of us would hate to be stuck in an airport for longer than necessary. Not Ryan Zhu — the Chinese “influencer” will voluntarily live in a cabin in Helsinki Airport for 30 days.


By CNN Travel




Movie’s Ads Protest Rules Restricting Gay Men From Donating Blood

The last “Saw” movie, released by Lionsgate in 2010, was advertised as “the final chapter.” But you didn’t think a franchise with roughly $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales was going to die that easily, did you? In true horror film fashion, the series will resume its torture killings on Oct. 27 with an R-rated eighth installment titled “Jigsaw.” Less expected: Lionsgate’s decision to promote “Jigsaw” by shaking an angry fist at America’s blood-donation regulations.


BY Brooks Barnes



Carnival gets deeper into digital entertainment with new streaming channel

Cruise ship company Carnival Corporation is getting deeper into entertainment. After creating its own channel with four original series for network and cable TV, it’s creating its own streaming TV channel for those shows and two new streaming series. Starting on Sept. 28, guests aboard 60 of the company’s 103 ships will be able to access the channel, called OceanView, in their rooms.


BY Ilyse Liffreing




‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s Matthew Vaughn On Avoiding Franchise Fatigue & His Trilogy Ambition – Q&A

Deadline caught up with Matthew Vaughn this week, right after he premiered Kingsman: The Golden Circle in London and endured a numbing onslaught of repetitive junket interviews. The follow-up to an audacious spy film he and writing partner Jane Goldman adapted from the Mark Millar comic book, Kingsman: The Golden Circle ups the ante on its formula of 007-caliber action mixed with quirky characters and R-rated irreverence.


BY Mike Fleming Jr.



Apple’s TV Strategy Becomes Clearer as Top Stars Jockey for Shows

The world’s biggest company is officially taking meetings as everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Steven Spielberg salivates over selling the first big show. One studio chief says, “Who wouldn’t want to be the ‘Mad Men’ or ‘House of Cards’ on Apple?'”


BY Lacey Rose




The Internet Is Calling Attention to the Crisis in Puerto Rico, and Calling Trump Out

Donald Trump spent the weekend having Tweetstorm fits about black athletes who kneel during the anthem in order to protest police brutality and social injustice. Meanwhile, the 3.5 million American citizens in Puerto Rico are facing a massive humanitarian disaster. Trump is fiddling while Puerto Rico drowns.


BY Kaila Hale-Stern



Senator claims Russian ‘troll farms’ are stoking NFL debate to ‘push divisiveness’ and make it seem a bigger issue than it actually is.

A US senator on Wednesday said Russian internet trolls were stoking the NFL debate to try and stir up divisiveness in America. Hundreds of sports stars have taken the knee in protest since President Trump declared on Friday that NFL players who refused to stand during the national anthem were ‘sons of b***hes’ and should be fired.


BY Hannah Parry






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