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This Week In Branded Content (September 15)

“This girl, from show business, Kim Kardashian. Let’s imagine that one day she says, ‘My supporters — do this.’ This will be a signal that will be accepted by millions and millions of people. And she’s got no intelligence, no interior ministry, no defense ministry, no K.G.B. This, is the new reality: the global proliferation of the kinds of reach and influence that were once reserved for the great powers and, more recently, great media conglomerates. The new reality creates a perfect opportunity for mass disturbances or for initiating mass support or mass disapproval.”

– Dmitri Peskov / Putin’s Press Secretary






#LifeChangingPlaces – Lofoten

This is the first one of the mini series #LifeChangingPlaces that follows people who went to a trip (with Luftansa) that in some form changed their lives. My team and I spent 9 days on the magical island formation Lofoten in northern Norway to capture the beauty that changed Chris Burkards whole approach to photography.


BY Vimeo Staff Pic



Marmite’s New App Tests Reactions To The Divisive Spread

Marmite has launched an app that analyses people’s emotions as they eat the spread and determines whether they are born to love or hate it.TasteFace, created by digital agency AnalogFolk, uses facial recognition technology to gauge people’s reactions to Marmite. The software builds on the Microsoft Emotion API that recognises facial expressions across eight emotions such as contempt, disgust, happiness, fear and surprise. AnalogFolk developed a bespoke algorithm to convert those emotions into a sliding scale of love and hate for Marmite. After the taste test, the app gives users a rating between 0% and 100%.


BY Brittaney Kiefer




Netflix Plants Ads For New ‘Narcos’ Season In Stereotypical 90s Cocaine Spots

Netflix prepared for the third season of Narcos by placing facts about the Cali Cartel, the show’s next antagonistic focus, in locations where the showrunners believed people would have done cocaine in the 90s. Netflix partnered with advertising agency Doner to produce the ads.


BY Zach Palm



Crunch Fitness Is Banking On The Vanity Of Its Members To Generate Real-Time Marketing

People get a thrill when they see themselves on a big screen at a basketball game or see their tweet shared across screens at concerts. Crunch Fitness is taking that concept to its gyms as part of a quick and cheap marketing ploy. The fitness chain is testing a program called #CrunchTV that will take gym members’ Instagram and Twitter content and stream it to its gyms’ TVs in real-time. When members share a photo or video of themselves working out and add the hashtag #CrunchTV, they’ll see themselves appear on their gym’s TV in 10 to 20 seconds.


By Ilyse Liffreing




NASA Will Stream Video During Cassini’s Death Plunge — And You Can Watch It Live On YouTube

If you could magically teleport across the solar system, Saturn would be a great place to swing by on Friday morning. Hovering above the ringed planet’s surface, you’d see something amazing. Just after 6:32 a.m. EDT, a bus-size object will scream over the cloud tops, burst into millions of pieces, and glow like a meteor.


BY Dave Mosher



China’s Richest Man Jack Ma Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson at Alibaba Birthday Celebration

The billionaire is ‘Dangerous.’ Your move Jeff Bezos. Jack Ma, China’s richest man and the CEO of the massive e-commerce to content giant Alibaba, often dubbed China’s Amazon, thrilled employees at his company’s 18th birthday celebration this week in Hangzhou with a special, and hugely impressive dance routine in tribute to Michael Jackson.


BY Abid Rahman





At some point during this debacle, Tyler and I looked at each other and, in unison, declared: “This is what Fyre Festival must have been like.” As disastrous as the event seemed at the beginning — from the logistics of checking in to the remote location that essentially stranded us, waiting to be saved by Ubers — it turned out that #Wangfest was the Fyre Festival the world was promised in its original marketing plan that famously featured Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who both walked in the show. Need proof of our epiphany? Read on friends, and please keep us in your thoughts as we fight off our Wangovers.


BY Alyssa Vinghan Klein



How Rappers Are Embracing Internet Subcultures to Attract Huge Crossover Followings

Ugly God was a recent guest on a series of YouTube videos that attracted more than five million total views in under a week. These numbers are high for a rapper like Ugly God, but not completely out of the ordinary. The source of the views is surprising, however. This wasn’t the result of a press run through big market radio stations and traditional media outlets. Ugly God didn’t sit down on the couch of a late night network TV show. All of this exposure came after a visit to “The Clout House” with a group of popular YouTube vloggers.


BY Eric Skelton




Branded Content Is King on Facebook. Here’s John Cena and The Data To Prove It.

On social, content is the unchallenged king and users detest ads in their feeds. In turn, sponsored content on Facebook has become an instant hit for brands. In our report for brands, we saw that 90 percent of B2B customers prefer custom content as a way for brands to engage directly with them. A study this week revealed that this sentiment extends to emails from brands as well. When we looked at sponsored posts on Instagram, we saw that these posts could drive 100 times the engagement for a brand than the brands’ own content. We last wrote about branded Facebook posts last October and since then Facebook has created additional features, no longer requiring that Pages be verified to share branded posts. With the end of 2017 and the holiday season quickly approaching, we decided to look again at how publishers and brands are creating successful branded content.


BY Gabriele Boland



FAQ: Addressable TV & The Convergence Of Digital Video And TV Ad Buying

The line between TV and digital video is blurring. Increasingly, TV is becoming a digital ad buy, with the ability to automate data-driven buying decisions to target audiences. As video on demand and streaming gains viewer share and content producers seek distribution across platforms, ad buying across channels and devices is becoming a more singular process.


BY Ginny Marvin






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