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This Week In Branded Content (March 3)

“We believe that in the content-connectivity equation, the weight is now starting to move to the content side, both premium and native digital.”

– CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group




KFC’s “Clean Eating” Burger Was A Prank To Launch Something Much Dirtier

The news came via a video posted to Twitter, featuring clean-eating expert Figgy Poppleton-Rice and a new burger containing “chia-seeded cauliflower bun,” “unsweetened almond yoghurt,” “ice cube relish,” “spiralized chicken breast,” and “100% British kale.”

BY Daniel Pearson


Grindr Has Appointed A Poet In Residence

Grindr, the gay social networking app, may not be particularly known for the lyrical language of its users, but this may change as the company has just hired its first poet-in-residence. British writer and fashion model, Max Wallis was commissioned to make one video poem per month, to be released in the app and on Grindr’s forthcoming content platform, Into.

BY Weronika Jurkiewicz


Twitter To Live-Stream 1,500 Hours Of eSports In 2017 Under ESL, DreamHack Pacts

Twitter is going into eSports with guns blazing: The social network says it will live-stream 1,500 hours of competitive-gaming events this year under deals with ESL and DreamHack. The deal covers more than 15 events in the ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and DreamHack eSports circuits. The video streams will be available for free worldwide at,, and as well as on Twitter’s app for Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

BY Todd Spangler


Day 1: Rio Carnival

Get full access to the biggest party in the world with highlights from Day 1 of the Rio Carnival Samba Parade.

By Redbull


Fed Up With Photo Shoots, Oprah Is Going To Sea With A Couple Thousand Vacationers

Themed cruises are a workhorse of the vacation industry. A quick web search for the 2017 season reveals a knitting cruise, a Nascar cruise, a Walking Dead cruise and an ’80s cruise, to cite a few. Within these myriad offerings is the slightly more rarefied celebrity cruise, a chance to go to sea with someone famous.

BY Robert Klara


After Huge Oscar Mistake, PricewaterhouseCoopers Goes Into Damage Control Mode

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that has tallied Oscar votes for decades, is in full damage-control mode. At Sunday night’s ceremony, La La Land was incorrectly named the night’s best-picture winner after presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were given the wrong envelope to open. The correct winner was actually Moonlight.



Meet The Meme-Maker Who’s Kellyanne Conway’s Worst Nightmare

The first thing Tim O’Brien did after seeing the photo of Kellyanne Conway on the couch was search the internet to see if anyone else had the same thought he had. They hadn’t, so O’Brien fired up his Mac and in about 10 minutes Photoshopped Conway’s casual kneeling on an Oval Office couch into the famous Andrew Wyeth painting “Christina’s World.” The hardest part was painting over the dress to make it a lighter shade of pink.

BY Ryan Teague Beckwith


With Its Moon Announcement, Did SpaceX Kick Off The First Public-Private Space Race?

SpaceX shocked the spaceflight community yesterday by announcing a new ambitious goal for 2018: sending two people around the Moon. The two passengers are not NASA astronauts; they are, instead, wealthy tourists, who have already put down a “significant deposit” for the trip. If SpaceX pulls this mission off, it will be the first private company to take civilians beyond lower Earth orbit.

BY Loren Grush


Do Search Ads Really Work?

More than a century ago, the department store magnate John Wanamaker famously complained about his inability to gauge the effectiveness of the money he spent on advertising. Since then, technologies such as radio, television, and the internet have given companies new venues for self-promotion, but the age-old problem persists: How to tell whether ad dollars are really boosting sales?

BY Harvard Business Review


Why Augmented Reality Will Be The Next Revolution In Retail

In the summer of 2016, pedestrians on New York’s Fifth Avenue encountered crowds of (mostly young) people, hastily running into Central Park, smartphones in hand, shouting out Pokémon names and cross-street locations. Within days of its release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go, an app that brought the 1990s gaming craze to virtual life, became a phenomenon.

BY Kamil Klamann and Sekoul Krastev




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