This Week In Branded Content (March 10)

This Week In Branded Content (March 10)

“You don’t have to advertise anymore – it should be entertainment. There are thousands of opportunities each day to be entertained by information. The whole point is don’t advertise, entertain. And GIFs get a message across in seconds. They’re more than an image, but less disruptive than a video. They’re the perfect form of visual compression.”

– Adam Leibsohn – Giphy




‘Prison Break’ Hatches Escape Plan For SXSW Fans … Literally

Less than a month before Prison Break returns for its event-series debut, Fox is using SXSW this weekend as the solid rocket booster for the series starring Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. All over the Austin-based confab like a jailhouse tattoo, I’ve learned Fox is planning a multi-tiered Prison Block branding campaign of themed escape rooms, social media marketing and the now-obligatory preview screening and cast Q&A.

BY Dominic Patten


Budget Calculator: How Will The Budget Affect You?

Use our Budget calculator, developed by Deloitte, to find out how the tax measures may affect you in the coming year. Some changes – such as the increase in National Insurance for self-employed workers – will not be seen until the following financial year and are not included in this calculator.



‘La La Land’ Concert To Debut At Hollywood Bowl

Lionsgate is bringing Damien Chazelle’s hit film to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl on May 26 and 27 with the world premiere of La La Land in Concert: A Live-to-Film Celebration. The event will feature a 100-piece symphony orchestra, choir and jazz ensemble accompanying the film’s original vocal recordings with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Oscar-winning composer Justin Hurwitz will conduct.

BY Ashley Lee


Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites And Social Media

A bronze statue of a girl, fists on her hips, staring down the famous 7,000-pound “Charging Bull” sculpture near Wall Street, captivated passers-by on Wednesday and drew an overwhelming response online, where many viewed it as a powerful symbol for International Women’s Day.

By Sapna Maheshwari


You Can’t Escape The Movie Toys This Year

Three giant yellow minions were bobbing to and fro at the New York Toy Fair last week, posing for photos with kids in a showy promotion tied to the next iteration of Despicable Me. Minion dolls and plush toys sat on display next to singing minions and mystery minion packs. Children cheerily bashed remote-controlled minions into each other on the floor.

BY Kim Bhasin and Polly Mosendz


What You Need To Know About Sports Marketing In 2017 And Beyond

In our 24/7 world, where we’re always plugged in, constantly moving from platform to platform and accessing content on demand, sport retains the power to cohere marketing messages on a global level, uniting audiences through their universal passions.

BY Suzy Bashford


Patagonia And The North Face: Saving The World – One Puffer Jacket At A Time

On the night of his 30th birthday, after a few drinks, Dean Karnazes decided that he would celebrate by running all the way from San Francisco down the coast to the town of Half Moon Bay, a distance of 30 miles. So began a career as an endurance runner.

BY Marisa Meltzer


Virtual Reality Leads Marketers Down a Tricky Path

As the hype around virtual reality pushes its way into the mainstream, big brands are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate it into their marketing. Yet there are also pitfalls — from cost to tepid audience reaction — that make the decision to enter the virtual reality world a bit more complicated than it may first seem.

BY Janet Morrissey


What’s The Value Of A Like?

Brands spend billions of dollars a year on elaborate efforts to establish and maintain a social media presence. Think of the live-streamed video of a man setting a world record by skydiving from 128,000 feet (Red Bull) and the strange tweets sent from a supposedly hacked Twitter account that in fact originated with the company itself (Chipotle).

BY Leslie K. John, Daniel Mochon, Oliver Emrich, Janet Schwartz


Advertising Amnesia: Why Brains Beat Bytes

When surgeons in Hartford, Connecticut, performed a radical bilateral medial temporal-lobe resection to alleviate Henry Molaison’s epilepsy in the summer of 1953, Henry lost not just parts of his brain, but his memory, too. At just 27 years old, Henry was consigned to live the rest of his life perpetually in the present.

BY Laurence Green




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