This Week In Branded Content (June 16)

This Week In Branded Content (June 16)

“My two favorite models of advertising at its most inspired are Citi Bike and The Lego Movie: One created an entirely new media channel out of metal, rubber, and connectivity and literally replaced uselessness with something that reduces my waistline and carbon footprint. The other made the real thing, actual entertainment, often referred to as “content,” not the thing that interrupts the thing. And both generated direct revenue.”

– Andrew Essex / Tribeca Enterprises





Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Trip Is Backed By A Digital Currency For Weed

The former NBA star teamed up with online betting firm Paddy Power for a series of trips to the isolated nation in 2013. This time around, he’s gone in with the backing of PotCoin, a digital currency for the cannabis industry.

BY Jethro Mullen



‘Most Interesting Man’ In The World Gives Up Beer For Tequila

When the night reaches that point when you move on from drinking beer to doing shots of tequila, it usually doesn’t bode well for how you’ll feel in the morning. But then again, most of us aren’t the one-time “Most Interesting Man In the World.”

BY Mary Beth Quirk




‘Silicon Valley’ Made An Insanely Detailed Website For Hoolicon, And You Can Sign Up To Go

On Sunday night’s “Silicon Valley,” the world got its first taste of Hoolicon, a three-day cacophony of product launches and tech seminars that’s one part Apple Keynote and one part self-help conference.

BY Steve Greene



Dixons Carphone Partners With Fitness Influencers LDN Muscle In Branded Content Series For Ultramarathon Event Race To The Stones

The agreement sees Dixons Carphone sponsor the 100km race for a fourth year and includes a partnership with, LDN Muscle, a fitness platform which creates downloadable training guides and nutrition plans.

By Tony Connelly




Cannes Lions Predictions From Former Jury Presidents: Jae Goodman

Each year before the Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising, Ad Age asks creatives execs around the world for their thoughts on what will nab big honors this year. For 2017, we checked in with the festival’s former jury presidents for insight into what they believe works best for each category and for their advice to this year’s judges. We’ll be counting down each day until the festival with their thoughts.

BY Ann-Christine Diaz



E3’s Bizarre, Bombastic Media Events

Last week, my colleague Brian Crecente wrote a cogent piece about the practical and commercial point of E3, and how it might face an uncertain future. After a few days of slogging around E3’s media presentations, I’m intrigued by a slightly different question: Why the hell do we do this to ourselves? I’m especially interested by the so-called media events staged by companies like Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda and Ubisoft.

BY Colin Campbell




How Citi Bike Started A Transportation–And Advertising–Revolution

On a humid August afternoon in 2011, a small group of government executives gathered around the desk of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to seek his approval for New York’s first bike-share program.

BY Andrew Essex



The Coming War: Browsers Against Advertising Pollution

Next year, will see a major offensive from Google and Apple against the worse parts of the advertising world. It will be tricky for Google, bound to appear as judge and jury. Expect many casualties. But the entire ecosystem will benefit from these initiatives.

BY Frederic Filloux




Will VR Ever Be Mass Entertainment?

There’s a lot of talk about virtual reality as the future of entertainment. And with big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple pouring money into the technology’s development, VR might seem like an inevitable medium to transform the way we spend our free time.

BY Katharine Schwab



On The Contrary: Bob Hoffman On The State Of The Agency World

Bob Hoffman is an “Ad Contrarian,” which is also the name of his popular and influential blog, and he’s a best-selling author, advisor and sought-after speaker on advertising and marketing. Earlier in his career, he was CEO of two independent advertising agencies. So, needless to say, he knows his way around the block.

BY Alan Hart






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