This Week In Branded Content (August 18)

“So Blockchains are open yet highly secure systems that carry records of all transactions along them from end to end. This sounds like the panacea for a number of markets, not least our overly complex, at best fraught and at worst downright corrupt, online advertising ecology.”

– Bob Wooton/ISBA







IKEA Releases Instructions How To Make ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cape After Costumer Reveals Actors Wore IKEA Rugs

Being a member of the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones doesn’t sound like much fun. Constant threat of danger and death at the hands of Wildlings and White Walkers. Vows of celibacy. Freezing your ass off constantly. There really is very little about their job that you’d actually want. They do however have some pretty cool capes, and you don’t need to be a Brother to get one. All you need is a $79 SKOLD IKEA rug, because believe it or not, that’s what the tough guys of the Night’s Watch have actually been wearing on their backs this whole time.


BY James Gould-Bourn



Inside The Growth Of Coca-Cola’s Music TV Show In Africa

Coca-Cola is propelling high growth for its weekly music TV show “Coke Studio Africa.” The show started broadcasting in 2013 in four countries in Africa. In just four years, the brand has expanded the reach to 30 countries across East, Central and southern Africa to a estimated potential half a billion viewers. In South Africa alone, the average weekly viewership has been 958,600 people.


BY Ilyse Liffreing




There’s A 1,000-Person Waitlist To Eat At Cheetos ‘Fine-Dining’ Restaurant That Opens Tuesday

There are more than 1,000 people on the waiting list for Cheetos’ New York City restaurant that will be open for just three nights. The Wall Street Journal reported all 300 openings at The Spotted Cheetah were filled within six hours of Cheetos announcing the restaurant’s opening last week.


BY Kate Taylor



Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo lead Trump Tower protest After Broadway Play

Olivia Wilde and Zoe Kazan were among those who led chants after the show, attended by Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman and Marisa Tomei. Tuesday night’s audience of Michael Moore’s Broadway play The Terms of My Surrender were invited to partake in a post-performance protest outside Trump Tower in New York City — co-hosted by Mark Ruffalo.


By Ashley Lee




Facebook Messenger Now Makes Spotify Suggestions Based On Your Conversations

Facebook Messenger’s intelligent assistant M now delivers Spotify suggestions when music is brought up in conversation. The prompts are triggered by a variety of phrases and specific words. For example, type “play some music” or “listen to music” in Messenger, and M will offer to “Find Music” in Spotify. If a specific artist is named, then M asks those in the conversation if they want to listen to that artist in Spotify. These artist-specific Spotify prompts may appear even without contextual words like “music” or “listen,” as shown below.


BY Dani Deahl



Follow Pennywise Into the Sewer (If You Dare) in the It Virtual Reality Trailer

The It teaser broke the internet, and the first trailer was equally scary. Now, the much-anticipated Stephen King adaptation has released another horrific peek, and this time it’s interactive. IT: FLOAT—A Cinematic VR Experience allows you to peer around inside the sewer, where Pennywise the Clown eagerly awaits.


BY Cheryl Eddy




The Dual-Brain CMO: Integrating The Art And Science Of 21st Century Marketing

Data, data, data. Marketers are absolutely swimming in the stuff. As markets have become more specialized and personalized, the pressure to leverage data from an ever-expanding universe of sources to get ahead of the competition has never been greater. So intense is this “data arms race,” in fact, that tenures of CMOs have declined to just 42 months (as compared to 64 and 58 months for CEOs and CFOs, respectively). When growth targets are missed, CMOs are first on the firing line.


BY Forbes Contributor



How Your Brand Can Execute With Video

Video is so hot right now. Everyone’s either building a video platform, has some new content strategy to reach Millennials and, gasp, Gen Z. Live is everywhere while Facebook and Apple Music are getting into original content. Even Disney wants to own its own destiny by pulling their content out of Netflix, investing in BAMTech to build out their latest streaming service.


BY Sean Everett




TV’s Ad Apocalypse Is Getting Closer

Disney announced on Tuesday that it will stop selling content to Netflix by 2019 and will instead launch two streaming services—one with sports content from ESPN (which it owns) and another for movies. It is a dramatic announcement with far-reaching implications for the future of television and, pulling back the lens even farther, the U.S. tech and media landscape.


BY Derek Thompson



Will Blockchain Upend Digital Advertising As We Know It?

Even as digital advertising reaches parity with TV in terms of media spend, the space is having a decidedly rough go of it in 2017. Some of the most influential marketers in the world like Procter & Gamble are peeling back tens of millions of dollars from digital budgets as issues like ad fraud, brand safety, wonky metrics and general non-transparency continue to siphon off dollars and hamper business performance.


BY Peter Adams






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