This Week In Branded Content (August 11)

This Week In Branded Content (August 11)

“VR is in this stage where progress is going to be really fast. Artistic mediums go through phases where progress happens really rapidly, and then other moments where it slows down. VR is in that moment where its progress is going to be exponential.”

– Doug Limon / Film Director







‘LEGO Masters’ Is Set To Do For LEGO What ‘Great British Bake Off’ Did For Baking

With TV shows dedicated to finding the nation’s baking, pottery and dressmaking masters already proving to be huge hits, Channel 4 have now turned their attention to the humble plastic brick. The broadcaster is set to launch a brand new show dedicated to the art of building stuff with LEGO.


BY Matt Bagwell



Carpool Karaoke: The Series — Will Smith and James Corden — Apple Music

Watch the first six minutes of the premiere episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series on Apple Music, featuring Will Smith and James Corden. Sign up for Apple Music and watch the entire episode now at


BY Mike Shields




Sole Searching: Inside The Wild World Of Nike’s High-Tech Scavenger Hunts

About a hundred kick-hungry sneakerheads marched into Washington Square Park, smartphones held high, panning from side to side, on a late June afternoon in New York City. It was a mix of faces: parents, early high schoolers, 20-something urbanites. They paced in droves, pushing strollers, scooting atop bicycles, coasting on electric skateboards. Most strutted in sneakers so clean they looked as if they were just pulled out of the box.


BY Brian De Los Santos



BrewDog Is Supposedly Building a Bar Across the U.S.–Mexico Border

Scottish beer-maker BrewDog loves a good publicity stunt — it has offered paid leave to newborn-puppy owners, is building a craft-beer hotel, and once put 55 percent–alcohol beer in a taxidermy squirrel. In other words, we should’ve seen this coming: The brewery has announced plans to build a bar that literally straddles the U.S.–Mexico border. While it’s unclear how it expects to pull this off (check out the logistical nightmare of this home that’s half in Vermont, half in Canada), the one thing you can say about BrewDog’s gimmicks is, they’re usually not empty threats.


By Clint Rainey




‘Trump TV’ Takes to the Airwaves

Donald Trump’s political organization has begun producing videos to boost his presidency and undermine mainstream news organizations in ever more aggressive ways. Trump supporters are generating the videos at Trump Tower, where the president has a residence in Manhattan, and posting them as news roundups on Facebook. In one video last weekend, which looked like a regular news broadcast, conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany said the purpose of the videos was to provide “the real news”–a disdainful reference to the mainstream news media that Trump has frequently criticized. Some analysts are calling the video series “Trump TV,” and the weekend offering potentially reached 22 million Trump followers on Facebook and on Twitter.


BY Kenneth T. Walsh



Patrón x Guillermo del Toro

A collaboration years in the making. Introducing Patrón x Guillermo Del Toro #PatronXdelToro.


BY Patrón Tequila




Augmented Reality Workouts Turn Exercising Into A Game

Fitness technology startup company ARX has created a headset equipped with augmented reality that enables the wearer to turn their workout routine into a game. The wearer can choose to either see the real world in front of them with floating text to monitor and track their workout routine, or enter a virtual environment where they play a game associated with their exercise. For example, if a player starts a series of squats, the headset brings up a game where the wearer will face a horde of zombies coming after them. In the game, the player receives a crosshair and every time they perform a squat, the game releases a fireball. For every hit, the player receives a score. Some games focus more on exercise, counting the number of repetitions the wearer performs. The more the wearer works out, the higher their score. To add competition to the experience, the developers allow players to compare scores and challenge one another to see who can do better.


BY Richard Kastelein



Bill Simmons Is Joined By Cycle CEO/Founder Jason Stein To Discuss The Evolution Of Branded Content

HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cycle CEO/founder Jason Stein to discuss the evolution of branded content (5:00), Joel Embiid’s Twitter personality (11:00), Facebook curating content (21:00), the YouTube generation (32:30), the reinvention of sports (42:00), monetizing Twitter (52:00), the Rock’s social media dominance (1:01:00), and the chances of Amazon one day owning the NFL (1:07:00). Then, Bill’s dad joins to talk about the Red Sox’s resurgence (1:27:00) and his best guesses for what’s next on Game of Thrones (1:30:00).


BY Bill Simmons




Ad Production Sector Rife With Transparency Issues, Study Says

The Association of National Advertisers said a new study has found a variety of nontransparent practices in the advertising production business, a conclusion that likely will add to mounting concerns about how business is conducted on Madison Avenue. The trade group, which represents big advertisers such as AT&T Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. , Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and General Motors Co. , didn’t single out any advertising firms by name.


BY Suzanne Vranica



Read This And You Can Stop Pretending You Understand Blockchain

Remember Web 1.0? Remember when, unless you were a serious renegade in the mid-1990s, any mention of http, HTML, or browsers meant you were the outlier in your organization? For those of you under 40, know that it was a tough row to hoe to be a digital leader. Clearly, times have changed. I call those times, in the mid-1990s, the “black & white TV era” of the internet. Everything was new and mind-expanding yet also very nostalgic when you think about how simple it all was compared with today.


BY David Cooperstein






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