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This Week In Branded Content (April 7)

“Branded content is the worst term in the world for a brilliant new type of creative idea.”

– Chair / Brand Film Festival





Kenneth Cole Teams With Aloe Blacc On Find Your Bold Campaign

Kenneth Cole is searching for the next big thing in music. The designer, along with his fragrance licenser Parlux, has teamed with recording artist Aloe Blacc and Indaba Music for the “Find Your Bold” campaign. “Find Your Bold” is a talent search to discover up-and-coming musicians — the grand-prize-winner will collaborate with Blacc on a new original track.

BY Ellen Thomas



This ‘Penis Seat’ In The Mexico City Metro Is Meant To Highlight Sexual Harassment

Women who regularly commute on public transit are all too familiar with the sexual harassment experienced by female passengers. In fact, in New York City alone, more than 458 sex crimes were reported during the first half of 2016. And so, to shine a spotlight on this horrible (yet common) problem, a new style of subway seat was recently installed in Mexico City’s metro system: a penis seat.

BY Lisa Ryan





Battle Test

Join the Rebellion and face the might of the Galactic Empire in Nissan’s Battle Test. Jump into the front seat of the new 2017 Nissan Rogue then jump into the action. Dodge simulated threats right out of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY as this immersive 360° VR experience throws one danger after another at you from every angle. You’ll discover how much you can miss while driving, and how Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies have got your back.

BY Nissan USA



‘The Walking Dead’ Tiger Is A Lot Funnier When You Know It’s Just A Man In A Blue Unitard

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season seven finale. Just when things were looking beyond grim for Rick and his son Carl in “The Walking Dead” season seven finale, King Ezekiel and Maggie came stampeding in with groups of people from the Kingdom and Hilltop to save the day. However, it was Ezekiel’s tiger, Shiva, that had one of the biggest scene-stealing moments of the finale.

By Kirsten Acuna





MTV Teams With To Revive Cult Hit ‘My Super Sweet 16’

MTV is teaming up with popular lip-synching app as it seeks to revive My Super Sweet 16, a cult-classic series that originally debuted in 2005, chronicling the lavish birthday parties of American teens.

BY Geoff Weiss



Manulife Brings Drama To Digital

Manulife has taken a more insights-driven approach to its newest campaign, using consumer misconceptions about mortgages as the jumping off point for a digital push. “Uncover the Mortgage Truth” for the financial brand’s Manulife One product features cinematic trailer-like creative centered on consumers discovering another side to the mortgage process.

BY Harmeet Singh





Pepsi’s New Ad Is A Total Success

Before it’s an ad for shampoo or cat food or cola, every advertisement is first an ad for capitalism. Without a privately-controlled industry jockeying to compete with one another for consumer dollars, there’s no need for advertising. People would wash their hair with Shampoo, and feed their cats with Cat Food, and quench their thirst with Cola. Without competition, there would be no need to advertise in the first place. Especially when it comes to commodities.




Why 10,000 Rick And Morty Fans Are Petitioning For The Return Of An Obscure 1990S McDonalds Sauce

In the summer of 1998, McDonalds launched a short-lived promotional Szechuan sauce to coincide with the release of the Disney film Mulan. And almost 19 years later, on April 1, 2017, the sci-fi show Rick and Morty lobbied McDonalds for the long-dead promo sauce’s return, by filling its season 3 premiere with meta references to it. Why this is happening isn’t really clear, but presumably one of the show’s co-creators, Dan Harmon or Justin Roiland, bloody loved that sauce, and wants its return more than anything in the world. Or (more likely) it’s one of the show’s typically weird and elaborate jokes.

BY Larry Bartleet





Is Your Branded Content Really Just An Ad?

Within the last few years, we’ve seen the way the TV industry has evolved creating a state of bedlam in the advertising industry. The ensuing conundrum of how you reach consumers when none of them is even remotely interested in watching your commercials has certainly made a few ad executives reevaluate their career choices. But it has also given rise to perhaps the most creative thinking our industry has witnessed in decades.




Why The Sound Of Ed Sheeran Helps Sell Fries

It’s elevator music, 21st-century style: not Herb Alpert, piped tinnily into your local department store, but carefully curated playlists generated by algorithms and used by major restaurants, supermarkets and retailers all over the world to entice us to spend more cash. In the largest study of its kind, researchers from the Swedish Retail Institute – in collaboration with Spotify-backed startup Soundtrack Your Brand – found that specially selected songs increased customers’ spending by 9.1%.

BY Chitra Ramaswamy






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