The Week In Branded Content (September 14th)

The Week In Branded Content (September 14th)

“A lot of Democrats, for years, have been supporting and voting for candidates who didn’t always say exactly what they believed, didn’t always show their authentic, true selves. To look around, not just at Trump, but at who’s been winning elections, a lot of us have started to think: ‘Why don’t we say what we mean’?”

– Hans Goff – American Association of Political Consultants






Scoring The Drive

THE VISCERAL FEELING OF DRIVING a Range Rover on the winding roads of Angeles Crest Highway, high in the San Gabriel Mountains, is an inspiring experience. We invited award-winning composer Hans Zimmer to embark on this very journey with the goal of creating a score inspired by and unique to this unparalleled drive. Zimmer has scored more than 150 films in a career that’s been recognized by Hollywood’s most prestigious awards. For this project, the creative process was unlike any he’d practiced in his 30-year career.

BY Hans Zimmer



Watch Usain Bolt Race Some Guys In Zero Gravity

Olympic sprinting legend Usain Bolt often looked as if he was running on air.

But in a video circulating Wednesday, he did it for real.

Bolt raced some guys in a near-zero-gravity environment aboard a special plane flying above France, For the Win reported Wednesday. The stunt was for a Mumm Champagne promotion that showed off the company’s no-spill cocktail bottle for astronauts,

Bolt endured several parabola dives, calling the experience “mindblowing.”


BY Ron Dicker




Olivier Rousteing on Balmain’s Latest Sonic-Driven Video Project (Exclusive)

“People are sometimes scared to do something new,” says the French label’s creative director of the visual campaign that premieres today, “but the reality is that it’s only interesting when you go someplace where no one has gone before.”
Chances are when you walk down the street, your ears encounter the sounds all around you — a car door slamming, heels clicking on a sidewalk, the rev of a motorcycle engine — as merely noise, the cacophony of city living.


BY Laurie Brookins



Tone Vays vs Roger Ver – BTC/BCH Debate from Blockchain Cruise

Evangelists for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash battle it out during this week’s Bitcoin Cruise.


By Tone Vays




Netflix Research

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new website at that provides an overview of the research that we do here at Netflix. We have many amazing researchers working on a variety of hard problems and are happy to share some of our work with the world.


BY Netflix



This Animation Shows The Sad Reality Of Our “Modern” Society

Steve Cutts is an illustrator and animator based in London, England.[1] His artwork satirizes the excesses of modern society.[1][2] His style is inspired by 1930s and 40s cartoons, as well as modern comic books and graphic novels.


BY Steve Cutts




Patagonia’s latest doc joins the fight for Europe’s last wild rivers

A group of women from the small Bosnian village of Kruščica have stood guard on a bridge to the town for 24 hours a day, for more than 300 days. They’re a human blockade, denying access to construction crews set to begin building a major hydropower dam project on the Kruščica river. In the film, the women explain that it’s just them because local police are less likely to arrest them, while male protestors would have been beaten, arrested, and dragged away long ago.





No One Wants Your 9/11 Branded Content

Every year since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have come together to remember the lives lost in the devastating terror attacks. Also every year, with perverse punctuality, brands have used the tragedy to try to sell their products.

New Jersey restaurant Acai Ya Later, for instance, really hopes you can take some time to honor this solemn anniversary. And why not do that with a nice acai bowl? Yum!


BY Sebastian Murdock




Why we buy the things we buy

A food trend arrived two summers ago in the neighborhood of Toronto where I live that continues to beguile me for its endurance. In an area with several fantastic ice cream options, the longest and most consistent lineups are for a place specializing in charcoal-infused ice cream. It tasted no better than your average soft-serve, it looked like poop and stained your teeth black, and it required a half-hour wait just to get a cone.


BY David Sax







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