The Week In Branded Content (Nov 23rd)

The Week In Branded Content (Nov 23rd)

“The magic of storytelling will always come to life in the human creative process, and using Watson to identify the common attributes for truly award-winning creative work is an example of how man and machine will collaborate in the A.I. era”

– Reece Medway / media and entertainment specialist for IBM Watson






TheColorGrey & Romelu Lukaku collaborate to drop ‘New Levels’ track

Romelu Lukaku collaborates with childhood friend and music artist TheColorGrey to release a track called ‘New Levels’, which tells the story of their tough upbringing and rise to stardom.

BY Puma



LinkedIn launches its own Snapchat Stories. Here’s why it shouldn’t have

The social media singularity continues with the arrival of Snapchat Stories-style slideshows on LinkedIn as the app grasps for relevance with a younger audience. LinkedIn confirms to TechCrunch that it plans to build Stories for more sets of users, but first it’s launching “Student Voices” just for university students in the U.S. The feature appears atop the LinkedIn home screen and lets students post short videos to their Campus Playlist. The videos (no photos allowed) disappear from the playlist after a week while staying permanently visible on a user’s own profile in the Recent Activity section. Students can tap through their school’s own slideshow and watch the Campus Playlists of nearby universities.”


BY Josh Constine




Marriott takes a branded video series to TV and movie theaters

Marriott is taking a very Hollywood approach to the distribution of its custom video series, “StoryBooked.” Earlier this month, Marriott International premiered a second season of “StoryBooked,” which features various artists as they travel the world in search of creative inspiration. The four episodes, which feature artists such as musician Aloe Blacc, underwater performance artist Julie Gautier and choreographer Jon Boogz, range between 4 to 11 minutes in running time. The show is available on Marriott Traveler, the company’s own publication, as well as the brand’s various social channels. In 2019, the episodes will also be available on TVs inside 1.3 million hotel rooms around the world.”


BY Sahil Patel



#TestingTuesday: Sophie Sprout Alexa Skill

When mealtime’s a blast, little ones take more bites. Moms and dads, choose from 3 features led by a tiny talking sprout, Sophie: 1) Songs. Get your little one munching along to fun songs about healthy foods like an Italian folk song about chickpeas or a funk song about oatmeal. 2) Mealtime adventures. Turn your spoon into an adventure machine by taking it on trips like the classic “Here comes the airplane.” 3) Eat a pouch with Sophie. She counts and celebrates sips one by one. The next time it’s mealtime, just say, “Alexa, open Sophie Sprout.”


By Sophie Sprout




On Black Friday, you’ll be able to watch the entire ‘Lego Movie’ in a YouTube ad

On Black Friday, YouTube says it’s teaming up with Warner Bros. Pictures to allow viewers to watch “The Lego Movie” for free as part of a promotion for the upcoming sequel.YouTube recently (and quietly) began making certain movies like “Rocky,” “The Terminator” and “Legally Blonde” available for free, with advertising. This campaign is an interesting twist on that model, where the movie viewing experience isn’t just subsidized by ads — it is, in fact, part of the ad.


BY Complex



Lexus Used A.I. to Make the ‘Perfect’ Car Ad. Here’s How It Turned Out

There exist all kinds of experiments in trying to get artificial intelligence to do our creative heavy lifting: A.I. paint names. A.I. journalism. A.I. literature. A Beatles-style A.I. song (and also a Christmas carol!). There’s even an A.I. short film featuring Thomas Middleditch, and metrics for gauging whether a script was written by an artificial mind. Whether these are proof of A.I.’s impending colonization over creative giggery is debatable; many of these instances tell us artificial productions are hilariously experimental at best (something Burger King poked fun at in recent ads), and creepy at worst. All get some kind of human assistance.


BY Angela Natividad




Why ‘Saturday Night Live’ shouldn’t be doing branded content

In these politically fraught times, Saturday Night Live has a knack for saying the wrong thing. Just a week after cast member Pete Davidson was forced to apologize to Texas state Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw, a Republican veteran who lost an eye in Afghanistan, “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost drew the ire of the left with snide jokes about Amazon and the cost of rent in New York City.


BY Brenden Gallagher



Dolce & Gabbana Cancels Shanghai Show After ‘Chopsticks’ Advert Goes Viral

Dolce & Gabbana canceled a marquee fashion show in China’s commercial hub of Shanghai on Wednesday, after an online uproar over its latest fashion advertisements and what social media users called a rant against the world’s second biggest economy.The controversy was the number one topic on the Twitter-like Weibo platform, with more than 120 million reads by mid-afternoon, as celebrities, including “Memoirs of a Geisha” movie star Zhang Ziyi, posted critical comments about the brand.


BY Reuters




The Battle for Amazon HQ2 Was a Con

I’m on the West Coast to meet with the CEO of global tech firm, see my dad, and spend a few days in LA. In addition, I’m doing a bunch of meetings about if and how The Four becomes a documentary, movie, podcast… dinner theater?


BY Scott Galloway







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