The Week In Branded Content (May 18th)

The Week In Branded Content (May 18th)

“You start from a white sheet of paper and you have to create value and build something out of nothing. After meeting Sam Altman, who runs Y Combinator, the world’s preeminent startup accelerator, we felt that we could apply their operating principles to content creation.”

– Brian Grazer / Imagine Films






Tokyo Gets Its Own Twitch Channel

Twitch is getting more diverse by the day. From the abundance of in-real-life streamers mounting their Go-Pros throughout their globetrotting adventures to twentysomething beardos live-streaming marathon D&D sessions to poker pros navigating tough flops from the comfort of their bedroom, the idea that Amazon’s live-streaming service is limited to people playing video games is quickly becoming an outdated notion. Sure, that remains Twitch’s primary function — when you go to the website you will first be greeted with images of “Fortnite” and “League of Legends” before you see anything else — but it’s not shocking that investors and creatives are recognizing the truly measureless potential of the platform.

BY Luke Winkie



SEC Creates Spoof Cryptocurrency Website To Warn Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission launched a spoof cryptocurrency website on Wednesday to warn investors about the risks of participating in “initial coin offerings,” or ICOs.

The website — called “” — mirrors marketing materials published by actual cryptocurrency promoters. It includes a countdown timer, promises of outsized investment returns, and even a “Meet the Team” section with SEC employees posing as cryptocurrency developers.”






Jeffrey Wim Wenders On The Power Of Pope Francis, ‘A Man Of His Word’ In The Fake News Era – Cannes Studio

Wim Wenders hadn’t entertained the notion of an audience with the Pope when the Vatican wrote him to ask if he’d be interested in helming a documentary on the current incumbent Pope Francis. But the prospect was intriguing, he told Deadline at our Cannes Studio ahead of the film’s festival premiere, especially when they explained their conditions. “We just want to instigate this,” they told him. “We want to throw this idea at you and if you like it, you’re going to have to do it yourself. You’re going to independently have to produce it. You’re going to have to fund the production. You’re going to have to write it, edit it. We’re going to keep out of it.”


BY Joe Utichi



Chicago Art Installation Highlights How Easy It Is to Buy a Gun in America


By De Elizabeth




Finally, a video game that lets you run your own Jurassic Park

The perennial failure of video-game movies to capture the magic of their source material has been a hot topic this year – though as well as the boring new cinematic outing for Tomb Raider, 2018 has given us two qualified successes in the form of Ready Player One and Rampage, which suggests some improvement might be on the cards.

Historically, video games based on movies have also been disappointingly rubbish. When developers known for their work-for-hire efficiency rather than their specialised talents are given mere months to piece together a game to tie in with a theatrical release, it’s perhaps unreasonable to expect much.


BY Ian Dransfield




Early cryptography that was developed into cryptocurrency ended up falling to centralization defaults. Bitcoin changed the game entirely.
Then Ethereum was developed, and now thousands of ICOs, and Blockchain projects are in the works. 4.0 is the reference to a Decentralized governance model.


BY Joe Lubin




‘Deadpool 2’ Marketing Blitz Bets on Too Much Being Just Enough

Ryan Reynolds isn’t looking for respectability this time around, but maybe he’s out to prove that the breakout hit wasn’t a fluke. Consider this: The first campaign kicked off more or less at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, with an early trailer shown in Hall H providing a glimpse of star Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With a Mouth, setting an underground, guerrilla tone that would continue throughout. From there on out the campaign was filled with dark humor, inside jokes, jabs at 20th Century Fox and lots more. Much of it was executed on Reynolds’ own Twitter account, sending the message that this was a passion project of his that he was working hard to promote.


BY Chris Thilk



How Sephora Built A Beauty Empire To Survive The Retail Apocalypse

Sephora has captured the hearts of millions of beauty shoppers and is aggressively expanding across the globe. We dive into how Sephora has succeeded in today’s merciless retail climate, highlighting key lessons for retailers.

Imagine walking into a cosmetics store with racks of makeup, shelves of perfumes, aisles of every beauty product imaginable — but you can’t touch any of it.


BY CB Insights




The Ways Customers Use Products Have Changed — but Brands Haven’t Kept Up

Here’s a truth: many in the marketing industry today don’t really understand brands. They may think that “brand” and “customer experience” are different. But that kind of brand is a layer of communications. That is the stuff of blowhard manifestos — too high-minded to sell anything, and too lofty to be useful. Today, when there’s more of everything — more channels, more choice, more speed, more confusion — more noise and less signal, it’s fair to ask: What is a brand?


BY Antonis Kocheilas







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