The Week In Branded Content (March 23rd)

The Week In Branded Content (March 23rd)

I think what Cambridge Analytica has tried to sell is magic. It made claims that this data is incredibly accurate and it tells you everything there is to tell about you. But the reality is it’s not that. If you look at the data carefully those claims quickly fall apart. ”

– – Dr. Aleksandr Kogan






Viacom’s TV channels went off the air for 17 minutes during national walkout over gun violence

A number of major Viacom channels, including Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon went off the air today to recognize the national student walkout in schools across America protesting gun violence. The channels went off the air for 17 minutes from 10AM to 10:17AM today.

BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, the Paramount Network, and TV Land all went off the air for precisely 17 minutes earlier today to honor the 17 victims killed last month in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

BY Shannon Liao



3 Entertainment Activations Immersing Consumers In The World Of Sci-Fi

Part of the entertainment industry’s job is to lure us in with spectacle. Recently, hit television shows and big blockbusters have been presenting visions of the future in ways that are eerie or exhilarating—and always larger-than-life. PSFK explored a few activations that brought that same grandiose style to experiential marketing and branded products.






Police have released the first video from inside the Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrian

Three days after an Uber self-driving vehicle fatally crashed into a pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz., police have released video footage of what the vehicle saw with its cameras moments before running the woman over, and what happened inside the vehicle, where an operator was at the wheel.

The Uber vehicle was operating in autonomous mode when it crashed into 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday evening. Herzberg was transported to a hospital, where she later died from her injuries, in what may be the first known pedestrian fatality in a self-driving crash.


BY Johana Bhuiyan



Scientology TV Network Sets Launch On DirecTV, Apple, Roku And Amazon

The Scientology Network is set to debut tomorrow evening on DirecTV, as well as on connected-TV platforms such as Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast, according to promotional material from the church. The app can be downloaded for free, which is the model typically pursued by TV programmers pursuing an ad-supported over-the-top (OTT) service, as opposed to a subscription version.


By Dade Hayes




Land Rover lleva el branded content a la cima de la montaña Tianmen

Después de que Tesla hiciese su particular demostración de fuerza con un product placement en el espacio, Land Rover ha seguido su ejemplo llevando el nuevo Range Rover Sport a la cima de la montaña Tianmen, en China. En su caso, se trata de una acción de branded content ya que es un contenido vinculado a la marca.





Indy 500 Moving To NBC After 54 Years On ABC

Under the pact, NBC Sports has acquired rights to present all IndyCar races, qualifying, practices, and Indy Lights races across its platforms beginning in 2019. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Indianapolis 500 and seven additional Verizon IndyCar Series races will be broadcast annually on NBC, with all remaining races televised on NBCSN. All races will be live streamed to authenticated subscribers on and the NBC Sports app. Details of NBC Sports’ 2019 IndyCar schedule will be announced at a later date.


BY Denise Petski




Bumble responds to Match’s patent lawsuit with public breakup letter

Yesterday we reported that Match, the parent company of Tinder, was suing Bumble for patent infringement and misuse of intellectual property.

Specifically, Match alleged that Bumble “copied Tinder’s world-changing, card-swipe-based, mutual opt-in premise” for which a patent was filed in 2013 (before Bumble was founded) but just granted a few months ago.

Today Bumble has responded to Match’s lawsuit with a letter published on their own blog and other news outlets. The full letter is linked here and we’ll also include it in full at the bottom of this post.


BY Fitz Tepper



The online mattress industry promised a more honest shopping experience. We may have gotten the opposite instead.

There was a time when a new breed of mattress companies like Casper were supposed to usher in an era of mattress buying that was more transparent for consumers — and one that would make the dishonest store salesperson a thing of the past.

But as these brands have risen, so too have new entities that have filled the salesperson’s old role: Mattress review websites — purported to provide honest reviews — led, in some cases, by everyday people who have no experience in the mattress industry or in product reviewing.


BY Jason Del Rey





The New York Times and The Guardian’s Observer reported on Saturday that Cambridge Analytica — a political data analytics firm — improperly gained access to more than 50 million Facebook users’ personal data. The social media company did not inform affected users, despite being fully aware of the issue since 2015.









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