The Week In Branded Content (June 1st)

The Week In Branded Content (June 1st)

“It’s a sea change. I didn’t understand how many people were going to watch the show.
Even though our show doesn’t really even promote Momofuku, we’re just busier than ever before because of it. Part of that is we’re not promoting the restaurant, we’re trying to promote our ideals. And I think to the younger generation, that’s more important than ever before.”

– Momofuku – Founder and Chef David Chang






Gregory and Gregory

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Here’s what happened when we went to a gourmet food festival disguised as #GregoryAndGregory

BY @Greggsofficial



Ikea turns print ad into sleeping aid

Swedish furniture brand Ikea used a print advertisement integrated with lavender scent with the aim to help people sleep better.

The ad conceptualised by Ikea’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) agency Memac Ogilvy, just requires the users to strip off the advertisement from the magazine and open the tab to activate a white noise which according to Ikea helps people sleep better. The ad page is fixed with a charging point for the scent and music to activate.


BY Taruka Srivastav




Uber and Channel 4 create documentary series following drivers around the UK


BY Brittaney Kiefer



Ambien maker Sanofi: ‘Racism is not a known side effect’


By Michael Nedelman




The Babchenko stunt may end up feeding the Kremlin spin machine

As dramatic plot-twists go, it was top drawer: gasps all round at a press conference about a murder investigation, as the star guest turns out to be the victim himself, smirking and very much not dead.

The courageous, controversial and contrarian journalist Arkady Babchenko had not been shot in the back by an assassin, as Ukrainian government officials and gruesome leaked photographs had led everyone to believe. In fact, he had faked his own death as part of a top-secret Ukrainian security services operation to catch real would-be killers operating on Moscow’s orders.


BY Shaun Walker



Momofuku chef David Chang explains why he’s building a media empire

Why is Momofuku founder and chef David Chang launching a media empire instead of just more restaurants?

Over the past few months, Chang — who has been one of the world’s most influential chefs and restaurateurs over the past decade — launched a new Netflix show, “Ugly Delicious,” formalized a new media company, Majordomo Media, and started a podcast, the Dave Chang Show, in partnership with The Ringer.

Part of the plan, he said onstage today at Recode’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., is to feed the restaurants.


BY Dan Frommer




Why Viacom Is Betting on SlimeFest, Clusterfest and Other Live Events

The company is expanding new revenue streams, with Comedy Central boss Kent Alterman saying live experiences for consumers help “solidify brand affinity.”
Summer is the time for open-air theater, outdoor concerts, and … SlimeFest!?

The Nickelodeon event, which started in international markets in 2012 as a showcase for music acts, stars from the network and the channel’s signature green slime, is making its U.S. debut in June, adding to a busy month of live events for Viacom that also includes Comedy Central’s second annual Clusterfest in San Francisco (June 1-June 3), VidCon in Anaheim (June 20-June 23) and the BET Experience in L.A. (June 21-June 23).


BY Georg Szalai



The Glossary Of Marketing

If you’re new to the business world, you may soon find yourself in a marketing meeting and become very quickly disoriented. This is because marketing people speak a language that is disconcerting to the human ear and mystifying to the human mind.

To help you through this bewildering experience, here at The Ad Contrarian Global Headquarters we have created a glossary of terms that can help you understand what marketing people actually mean when they talk:


BY Ad Contrarian




MARY MEEKER’S TECH STATE OF THE UNION: Everything happening on the internet in 2018

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram over the past week, you will probably have noticed that your feed has been extremely royal-wedding heavy, with people all over the world sharing sweet photos of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And, for the fashion brands involved in the big day, this has meant plenty of free coverage.

InfluencerDB – an influencer marketing and management platform – has calculated the financial figures behind the free advertising the fashion houses received on Instagram over the weekend (via WWD), and the numbers are fairly staggering.


BY Amy de Klerk







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