The Week In Branded Content (July 27th)

The Week In Branded Content (July 27th)

“Everybody just wants to be an influencer now. Nobody wants to get a job. Everybody’s just like, ‘Wait. I could go out and like hold those like hair enhancement gummies’ or ‘I can go out and like hold a product, and I can make money. I just think people need to learn how to actually build things from the ground up. … That will take you farther than the internet.”

– Josh Ostrovsky “The Fat Jew” / Influencer / Citi






Drunk History Highlights Colonel Sanders’ Odd Jobs in KFC Spot

If you wish you could learn about the history of Colonel Sanders’ odd jobs as explained by a drunk person, fear not. Comedy Central and KFC have partnered to give you an explainer that will air during tonight’s season finale of Drunk History.

The branded content, along with outtakes and bloopers, will appear across social media platforms, Drunk History and Comedy Central.

BY Sara Jerde



Coding gets a real-life magic wand with Kano’s Harry Potter kit

Kano has been an undeniable success story. The company, which began life as a Kickstarter project, had shipped north of 200,000 of its Raspberry Pi coding kits by the end of last year. 2017 also saw the company raise a $28 million round and get backing from Sesame Street’s Sesame Ventures.

Today, the company is announcing another key licensing deal that brings one of kids’ lit’s most beloved characters to the hardware ecosystem. And unlike the Sesame Street announcement, this one is launching with a hardware product in tow. The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is more than just a branded version of the standard kit, however.


BY Brian Heater




Swedish student’s plane protest stops Afghan man’s deportation ‘to hell’

A lone student activist on board a plane at Gothenburg airport has prevented the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker from Sweden by refusing to sit down until the man was removed from the flight.

Her successful protest, footage of which spread rapidly across the internet, shines a spotlight on domestic opposition to Sweden’s tough asylum regime, at a time when immigration and asylum are topping the agenda of a general election campaign in which the far right is polling strongly.
BY David Crouch


BY Jay Moye



Marvel Provided Grief Counseling Sessions at Comic-Con for People Still Devastated by ‘Infinity War’ Ending

Marvel fans attending San Diego Comic-Con 2018 didn’t get the chance to see any footage from “Captain Marvel” or the upcoming fourth “Avengers” movie, but they did get a chance to grieve together over the “Infinity War” ending that left Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Black Panther, and more superheroes dead. As reported by io9’s Germain Lussier, Marvel set up a booth near Petco Park in San Diego that offered grief counseling sessions for upset fans.


By Zack Sharf




‘You can’t just treat it as a retail platform’: Inside Lego’s Amazon voice strategy

Lego is spending more money on Amazon, using everything from video advertising to voice to augmented reality.

Lego has already launched two Alexa Skills within the last eight months. The second debuted in May as an interactive storytelling service for children aged 2 to 5. While it’s too soon to share feedback, the toymaker is already thinking about how similar services might look as podcasts or audiobooks on Alexa and beyond. Lego’s approach is less about buying search adverts — for now — and more about producing content.


BY Seb Joseph



How SXSW, Comic-Con Fueled the Rise of Activation Culture

HBO re-created ‘Westworld’ during SXSW and Hulu is bringing ‘Castle Rock’ to Comic-Con as entertainment companies look for new ways “to be the thing everyone is talking about” at overstuffed entertainment festivals.
Fans of Stephen King have been reading about Castle Rock for decades. Now they can visit it.

Hulu has re-created the fictional town just steps away from Comic-Con’s bustling hub at the San Diego Convention Center. There’s the Castle Rock B&B, where the more daring visitors can check in for a chilling experience. Nearby is the forest, which hides a few secrets among its trees.


BY Natalie Jarvey




Fake Interview With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Satire, Not Hoax, Conservative Pundit Says

CONSERVATIVE REVIEW TV, a digital network that streams conservative punditry guaranteed to be “100% free of anti-American propaganda,” spent part of Tuesday arguing that a fake interview it created with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — in which the congressional candidate appeared to be stumped by questions she was not, in fact, asked — was a satire, rather than a hoax.

The CRTV network, which has verified accounts on Facebook and Twitter, had initially given viewers no way of knowing that they were not watching an embarrassing interview with the Democratic Socialist running to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District.


BY Robert Mackey



The death of Don Draper

The advertising industry is currently enthralled by a prophet of its imminent demise. Scott Galloway is a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and founder of a marketing consultancy. In a much-shared YouTube video, he delivers a talk entitled “The Death of the Advertising-Industrial Complex” to an audience of young marketers. In it, he argues that businesses can no longer rely on advertising to compensate for mediocre products.

Until the 1990s, says Galloway, the path to success lay in taking “an average beer, average car, or average suit” and wrapping it in appealing associations – this one makes you feel more elegant, this one makes you feel younger.






Targeted messaging is only one piece of the advertising puzzle

Facebook has started running advertisements recently in conventional, analogue media. Amazon is busily buying and opening physical shops. Perhaps it’s time the advertising industry awoke to a similar counter-revolution.

This is what I suggested in a keynote speech at Unbound London recently. As a 53-year-old Conservative fat man, I always enjoy giving slightly controversial talks, since the maniacally politically correct have turned platform speaking into a high-adrenaline extreme sport, like cave-diving or BASE-jumping: from the moment you clip on your lapel-microphone, you have the thrill of knowing you are only one misjudged pronoun away from career suicide.


BY Rory Sutherland







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