The Week In Branded Content (Jan 26th)

The Week In Branded Content (Jan 26th)

We believe that independent storytellers have the power to challenge and even shift the culture, and that’s really what the Sundance Film Festival is all about. This year’s Festival is full of beautifully told, artful stories that provoke dialogue, build empathy and empower audiences to connect to the universal human experience.”

– – Trevor Groth – Programming Director of Sundance Institute






Burger King ad explains net neutrality with flame-grilled Whoppers

Burger King is delivering its own hot take on the net neutrality showdown that has enflamed the U.S., using flame-grilled Whoppers.
Burger King’s new ad has become a sensation, with more than a million views on YouTube and it’s lighting up Twitter.




KFC’s latest gadget is a chicken wings box that doubles as a drone

KFC loves a good PR stunt, and Circuit Breaker is cool with them so long as they cleverly involve gadgets. Today, the fast-food chain announced that its new, India-only Smoky Grilled Wings will come packaged in a box with detachable drone parts. Although customers will have to look up instructions online, they can eventually assemble the box and its parts to turn it into a Bluetooth-connected drone.

The company’s calling the box a “KFO,” or Kentucky Flying Object,” which I guess is fine. The boxes will only be available on January 25th and 26th.


BY Ashley Carman




A wildly popular conspiracy theory about why there are so many Mattress Firm stores is starting to sound less crazy

If you’ve ever wondered why there seems to be a Mattress Firm on every corner in your city, you’re not alone. But one explanation for this phenomenon is more extreme than you might expect.

On Tuesday, a comment on Reddit claiming that Mattress Firm, the largest specialty mattress retailer in the US, is a money-laundering operation went viral — but it has since been deleted, The Next Web reported.

“Mattress Firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme,” a Reddit user wrote, adding: “I remember seeing 4 mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once, and there is no way there is such a demand for mattresses.”


BY Chris Foxx & Leo Kelion



Patriots to Launch ‘Not Done Network’ Week of Super Bowl LII

As the New England Patriots prepare for Super Bowl LII and an opportunity to win back-to-back championships and three in four years for a second time, the organization as a whole will embark on its own historic endeavor. On Monday, Jan. 29, the Patriots will launch the Not Done Network, a 24-hour video stream from Minnesota. The mission of the Not Done Network is simple: To provide access to Patriot fans around the world who want to share in the excitement of Super Bowl week.


By The Patriots




Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow

Logan Pauls looking for absolution.


BY Logan Paul



How This Is Us became a matter of life and Crock-Pot

Of all the appliances in the world, there may be none less divisive than the Crock-Pot, a machine designed to cook food at an aggressively low heat. And yet this week, the lowly slow cooker was elevated to the realm of controversy due to NBC’s hit family drama This Is Us.

Just three years ago, the New York Times praised the Crock-Pot and slow cookers like it for their ability to transform ordinary items in your kitchen pantry and whole hunks of meat into rich stews, warm dips, and hearty braises. A whopping 4.4. million were sold in 2014, according to the Times.


BY Alex Abad-Santos




Inside The Massive VR Intersection At Sundance Film Festival

We’re about mid-way into the power-packed Sundance Film Festival currently taking place in Park City, Utah, and certainly, one of the biggest buzzwords on the ground is Virtual Reality (VR). The creativity and discussion and behind the intersection of this tech plaform and film is even bigger this year than last Festival.


BY Lauren deLisa Coleman



Why digital strategies fail

Most digital strategies don’t reflect how digital is changing economic fundamentals, industry dynamics, or what it means to compete. Companies should watch out for five pitfalls.

The processing power of today’s smartphones are several thousand times greater than that of the computers that landed a man on the moon in 1969. These devices connect the majority of the human population, and they’re only ten years old.


BY Jacques Bughin




Something doesn’t ad up about America’s advertising market

IMAGINE a world in which you are manipulated by intelligent advertisements from dusk until dawn. Your phone and TV screens flash constantly with commercials that know your desires before you imagine them. Driverless cars bombard you with personalised ads once their doors lock and if you try to escape by putting on a virtual-reality headset, all you see are synthetic billboards. Your digital assistant chirps away non-stop, systematically distorting the information it gives you in order to direct you towards products that advertisers have paid it to promote.


BY Alexandra Bruell







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