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The Week In Branded Content (Feb 16th)

Who ever knew there was going to be a real Margaritaville? I didn’t write the song ever thinking it was gonna be a place you would live.”

– Jimmy Buffet






Virgin Atlantic Draw A 200 Mile Love Heart Over UK Skies For Valentines

IF you live in the West Country and have been trying to avoid Valentine’s Day today – there was literally no escape.

Virgin Atlantic decided to celebrate all things lovey-dovey by flying a plane in the shape of a love heart – a 200 mile-wide love heart.

BY Rosie Gizauskas



Apple’s short film shot on iPhone X goes viral in China

Apple released a short film shot entirely on the iPhone X to promote the smartphone in China ahead of the Chinese New Year, according to Adweek. The film, “3 Minutes,” reeled in more than 68 million views in less than a week of airing.


BY Erica Sweeney




Diesel Introduces Deisel – A Collection of Fake Fakes

As part of its #GoWiththeFlaw campaign, Diesel has introduced Deisel – its own knock-off label and fake collection. Its description:

Diesel’s own knock-off brand celebrates those who blatantly disregard the style status quo and stubbornly wear whatever the hell they want. This is the ultimate collection for anyone
who wants to show off their unique fashion sense. Not all fakes are fake. Introducing the one-of-a-kind, limited-edition Deisel knock-off collection. #GoWithTheFlaw


BY Reuters



Beer’s civil war heats up with MillerCoors slamming a craft brewer’s Keystone Light lawsuit as a ‘clever publicity stunt’

A craft brewer is slamming MillerCoors in a new lawsuit – and the beer giant is firing shots right back.
On Monday, Stone Brewing announced that it was filing a lawsuit against MillerCoors over the marketing and packaging of its Keystone Light beer.
The craft brewer’s co-founder, Greg Koch, said in a video that the light beer brand is trying to “co-op our brand and our good name.” Koch accused MillerCoors of deliberately confusing customers by making Keystone packaging look more like Stone brews. He also included a shot of himself trying Keystone Light and spitting it out.


By Kate Taylor




A Kim Jong Un impersonator walked through North Korea’s Olympic cheer squad – and their faces say it all

A man dressed to impersonate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walked through Pyongyang’s cheer squad at the Winter Olympics – and its members looked unimpressed, to say the least.

Though it’s unclear whether this is the same impersonator who crashed the games’ opening ceremony, the man was rushed away from the squad, much as the impersonator was on Friday.

The cheerleaders looked less than thrilled to see a likeness of Kim before them.


BY Alex Lockie



Salon to ad blockers: Can we use your browser to mine cryptocurrency? has a new, cryptocurrency-driven strategy for making money when readers block ads. If you want to read Salon without seeing ads, you can do so-as long as you let the website use your spare computing power to mine some coins.

If you visit Salon with an ad blocker enabled, you might see a pop-up that asks you to disable the ad blocker or “Block ads by allowing Salon to use your unused computing power.”






How Producer Frank Marshall Helped Bring Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Margaritaville’ to Broadway

The musical centered on Buffett’s oeuvre – and the beach-bum lifestyle he trademarked (literally, with his empire of restaurants, products, even retirement communities) – starts previews Feb. 16.


BY Deborah Wilker



The entirely unnecessary demise of Barnes & Noble

Whether the Andrea Gail rolls, pitch-poles, or gets driven down, she winds up, one way or another, in a position from which she cannot recover. Among marine architects this is known as the zero-moment point – the point of no return.” -Sebastian Junger, “The Perfect Storm”

Posts like this aren’t my usual fare, but there’s a lot of readers on Tumblr. So y’all might be interested – or, if not, you really should be.

On Monday, this went down:


BY Brain Fuzzies




The CEO of digital advertising’s biggest trade group says most big marketers are screwed unless they completely change their business models

Every industry is under attack from upstarts. Most big companies aren’t prepared for a new tech and data-driven economy. Consumers don’t care about big brands and are tuning out traditional advertising.
In a nutshell, traditional marketers are screwed. And traditional media companies aren’t much better off. It’s all Warby Parker’s fault.


BY Liliana Llamas







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