The Week In Branded Content (Dec 8th)

The Week In Branded Content (Dec 8th)

We feel that we have to pull out all the stops at this point. This is not a time to sit back and let any tool available to us go unused. If this stands, and we certainly are going to be challenging it in whatever way we can, but if it stands we could see similar attacks on national monuments.”

– Hans Cole / Patagonia’s Director Of Environmental Activism






Incredible 360 Degree Video Shows Fake Love launches ‘Burnt Dream’ VR video for Gucci

Experiential agency Fake Love has released its latest project under the New York Times’s T Brand Studio, a virtual reality video for Gucci called Burnt Dream. The branded content, part of a collaboration between Gucci and artist Ignasi Monreal, gives a 360-degree view of Monreal’s London darkened, neon-lit apartment. Depicting imagery and inspirations that influence his collection with the luxury brand, viewers are redirected to a standalone Gucci site, where they can browse gift ideas by category.

BY Bennett Bennett



‘Wolverine: The Long Night’ Is Marvel’s First Scripted Podcast

Having conquered just about every other form of media, Marvel’s getting into the scripted podcasting game. Launching in Spring of next year, ’Wolverine: The Long Night’ marks the comics-turned-multimedia company’s first foray into the space. The series kicks off with a 10-episode season, premiering on Stitcher’s premium service, where it will be an exclusive until it makes its way to other platforms in the fall.


BY Brian Heater




CryptoKitties Becomes Largest Ethereum-Based Decentralized Application





A 7-Year-Old’s Hilarious (and Heartbreaking) Review of ‘Empire Strikes Back’


By Josh K. Elliott




Wendy’s Twitter Account Is Secretly The Best Movie And TV Expert


BY Julia Alexander




It was the $8 bottle of rosé that captured the internet’s fickle heart.

The vino in question was Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016, winner of the “ Great Value Rosé under £8” at the 2017 International Wine Challenge, the “Oscars” of wine. It quickly became a viral sensation, selling out almost immediately and becoming the darling of wine publications. Celine Dion tried to order bottles in bulk for her yacht, but supplies had already run dry.


BY Laura Feinstein




How Snapchat Is Separating Social From Media

The personalized newsfeed revolutionized the way people share and consume content. But let’s be honest: this came at a huge cost to facts, our minds and the entire media industry.

This is a challenging problem to solve because the obvious benefits that have driven the growth of social media – more friends! more likes! more free content! – are also the things that will undermine it in the long run.


BY Evan Spiegel



For The Next Six Hours You Can Guide A Robot Through A Web Of Miniature Reddit-Themed Escape Rooms

Something weird is about to happen on Reddit. Starting at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, an AI-powered robot the size of a computer mouse will star in a live event that’s part reality show, part interactive puzzle and all an homage to the internet’s premier repository of dank memes. The, uh, thing (event? live stream? brand activation?) is known as “Cozmo Lost in Reddit” and it’s a collaboration between consumer robotics company Anki and legendary ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to promote Anki’s popular tiny, mighty consumer robot.


BY Taylor Hatmaker




NBCU Gathering of Ad, Media Elite Raises Questions About Industry’s Future

“We have a problem. I know it; you know it; we all know it.”

That’s how NBCUniversal’s ad sales chief, Linda Yaccarino, opened an event Tuesday morning that she organized for some of the biggest names in the advertising and media businesses to try to tackle the many issues plaguing the industry.

The “State of the Industry Forum” touched on everything from how to better reach consumers to overcoming measurement hurdles across platforms from television to digital.

“We’re committed to making television smarter,” said Ms. Yaccarino. “That means improving the consumer experience, making marketing more effective and most importantly it means weaning ourselves off a single currency metric and become more committed and focused on addressing real business objectives.”


BY Alexandra Bruell



25 Predictions For What Marketing Will Look Like In 2020

Just as technology and consumer behavior will evolve in unpredictable ways between now and 2020, the ways marketers react to–or perhaps influence?–these new developments will also change in ways we can’t fully imagine now. But if anyone can offer a credible forecast for the near-future trends that will change the way brands connect with people, and the way creative companies will work in the next few years, it’s the people who are most influencing the ad and marketing world right now.








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