The Week In Branded Content (April  27th)

The Week In Branded Content (April 27th)

“People always ask us whether we take risks on purpose. But to us, we don’t really take risks – we just keep trying new things. The thinking that guides us is: what can we do to pleasantly surprise players? It’s not that we’re consciously trying to innovate; we’re trying to find ways to make people happy. The result is that we come up with things other people have not done.”

– Shinya Takahashi / GM Nintendo






Emotional Video Shows People Experiencing Migraines For The First Time — In Virtual Reality

Almost 40 million people in the United States suffer from migraines, a condition that can severely impact sufferers’ lives. Yet, for those who are fortunate enough to not be inflicted with the condition, it can be hard to understand just how debilitating a migraine can be.

“Isn’t it just a bad headache?” they might ask.

Now, thanks to a virtual reality experience created by the painkiller brand Excedrin, non-migraine sufferers are being given the chance to experience a migraine firsthand.

BY Dominique Mosbergen



Vegas Golden Knights Launch Twitch Channel For Exclusive Fan Content

The Vegas Golden Knights have had quite the year. After drafting their team less than a year ago, the NHL’s newest franchise went 51-24 to capture the Pacific Division title.

Now, just days after sweeping the L.A. Kings in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, they’re rewarding their loyal fan base with a dedicated Twitch channel replete with interactive fan-driven content. The channel was launched on April 20, the team announced in a press release.

The first content available on the channel will be a TV series hosted by Shane Hnidy, the Golden Knights’ color analyst on AT&T SportsNet. Hnidy will welcome guests—celebrities, players, team officials, and fans—to play video games, with viewers able to chat live with the host and guests and watch their gaming antics.


BY Max Rettig




Disney lets kids experience life in Avengers’ shoes with Clarks partnership

The first two Avengers movies are the fifth and seventh biggest releases of all time at the global box office, while the latest instalment in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther, has also been a huge hit and stands at number 10 in the all-time chart.

“With any of our movies, the key thing is to make ourselves as relevant to as many people as possible,”

Phil Riley, franchise and partnerships director at Disney UK, said. “Partnerships are a great way of doing that.”


BY Lisa Fickenscher



Inside Nintendo’s secretive creative process

Nintendo is coming out of a rough patch in its 128-year history. After spending most of the 00s riding high on the success and profits of its DS and Wii consoles, the current decade has seen the Japanese company struggle to adapt to the changes that its rivals and smartphones have wrought upon the video game world. The death of company president Satoru Iwata in 2016, who presided over a creatively and financially brilliant period in Nintendo’s history, left many wondering how the company would find its way again.


By Keza MacDonald




Meghan Markle: The Biggest Influencer of All?

On Wednesday night Meghan Markle finally walked down the wedding aisle, resplendent in a lacy, sparkling white dress. It was, of course, the “Suits” season finale, and she was marrying her on-show fiancé.

But it was also a mere three weeks or so before Ms. Markle herself — biracial American, now former actress, divorcée, United Nations women’s advocate — will walk down the aisle in Windsor Castle to to marry her real fiancé, Prince Harry (beloved royal soldier and hell raiser turned mental health activist). That made for a digital frenzy about what may be coming, which is only going to grow as the days wind down.


BY Vanessa Friedman



Bernie Sanders Is Quietly Building a Digital Media Empire

For a brief moment in late October 2016, when Hillary Clinton was surfing on a six-point national lead over Donald Trump and James Comey had yet to dive-bomb the presidential race, the talk of the political class was a set of curious reports suggesting that after losing embarrassingly, Trump could soon pursue his own TV network. The chatter grew loud enough that, just two weeks before Election Day, the candidate had to start publicly fending off rumors about his aspirations of a media venture, for fear that his supporters would lose interest in him just as early voting was getting underway.


BY Gabriel Debenedetti




Innovation Isn’t Just For Startups: How Big Companies Can Tap Their Creative Power

These days you don’t have to be a small, agile startup to generate new ideas. Large, more mature companies can and must make innovation a priority to remain competitive.

So it’s not surprising that a growing number of Fortune 500 companies have done just that. Companies as diverse as Google and Coca-Cola have incorporated research labs and other entities to further spur innovation. To remain competitive, savvy executives are looking at new ways to bring creativity and speed into the traditional corporate ecosystem.

Accelerators — entities that provide early-stage companies with mentoring, capital and access to investors in return for an equity investment — are growing by leaps and bounds.


BY Andreas Bubenzer-Paim



The Meaning of Decentralization

“Decentralization” is one of the words that is used in the cryptoeconomics space the most frequently, and is often even viewed as a blockchain’s entire raison d’être, but it is also one of the words that is perhaps defined the most poorly. Thousands of hours of research, and billions of dollars of hashpower, have been spent for the sole purpose of attempting to achieve decentralization, and to protect and improve it, and when discussions get rivalrous it is extremely common for proponents of one protocol (or protocol extension) to claim that the opposing proposals are “centralized” as the ultimate knockdown argument.


BY Vitalik Buterin




Beware of Selling Yoga Pants on Facebook

Hi! i noticed you posted about your cold today. It sucks to be sick. I thought maybe you’d like to try some greens! I love them; I swear, you’ll never get sick again!”

I did not want the greens.

This was the third time my friend from college had tried to sell them to me online. She also did things like post statuses about “That Crazy Wrap Thing” that her friends were supposed to pretend were not advertisements. My aunt who homeschools her seven children sells organic cleaning supplies. A poet I know says she sells online for the community it gives her. A young college administrator likes it for the freebies and the friendships. A stay-at-home mom said she was using a lot of makeup anyway, so Younique only made sense.









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