The Week In Branded Content (9th Feb)

The Week In Branded Content (9th Feb)

We want a new space race”

– Elon Musk






Director Taika Waititi Offers a Hilarious Introduction to Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is already, unapologetically, a Taika Waititi movie. It’s off-the-wall, hilarious, bright, and wonderful. There couldn’t possibly be a way to make it more Taika Waititi, could there? Yes. Yes, there could.

io9 is excited to exclusively debut the below clip, which is the director’s introduction to the upcoming home release of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. It rules.

BY Germain Lussier




Astronomers have caught a glimpse of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster as it travels further and further through space. Viewed from a telescope in Arizona, the car can be seen as a tiny dot in a vast sea of stars.

Astronomers Gianluca Masi, of the Virtual Telescope Project, and Michael Schwartz, founder of Tenagra Observatories, used data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to direct a telescope towards the car and capture an image of its historic journey.






David Beckham stars in short film supporting fight against Malaria

NEW YORK: British soccer legend David Beckham put his star-power to use on Wednesday in a bid to reinvigorate the fight against malaria under the slogan “Malaria must die – so millions can live”.

The retired athlete joined ranks in a campaign by Malaria No More UK, a British charity, to star in a short film in which he is caged in a glass box and swarmed by mosquitoes.


BY Reuters



‘What day do I start shooting?’ Judd Apatow says a Dundee movie starring Chris Hemsworth can ‘still happen’ as he expresses interest in directing the project

It’s the faux movie commercial so popular it launched an online petition to be made into a movie.
And onn Monday, Hollywood heavyweight Judd Apatow threw his support behind a Dundee, putting his hand up to direct the yet-to-be greenlit project.
Taking to Twitter, the 40-Year-Old Virgin director said a movie based on the Super Bowl commercial starring Chris Hemsworth can ‘still happen’.


By Caleb Taylor




UNICEF Is Asking Gamers to Mine Cryptocurrency for Syrian Children

The Syrian Civil War has raged for almost seven years and killed tens of millions of people. Survivors of the brutal conflict either stay and become internally displaced or flee and become refugees. As basic services break down, survivors need support from the international community just to survive.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) thinks gamers and cryptocurrency can help with that.


BY Matthew Gault



Here’s what the Winter Olympics’ top sponsors have planned for the Pyeongchang Games

With just over a week to go until the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, games sponsors are gearing up to make the most of their investments, likely totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Becoming a four-year top-level partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is estimated to cost around $100 million, according to Reuters.






Commentary: Why Kanye West’s New Instagram Campaign Could Be Illegal

New York Fashion Week starts this Thursday, but Kanye West unveiled his new line a week early on the digital catwalk—Instagram. Last week, the social network’s feeds were flooded with photos of various models—such as Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, and Amina Blue—posing as Kim Kardashian lookalikes, platinum wigs and all, wearing the Yeezy label.

The informal nature of the paparazzi-style Instagram photos felt innovative to many—a commercial advertisement without a sales pitch, just a hashtag: #YeezySeason6. In describing the rollout, the New York Times called it “the most successful thing Mr. West has ever done in fashion.”






We do and we do and we do for B- and C-list celebrities, and this is the thanks we get?
It’s a bit sad and demoralizing to think about it, but thanks to a New York Times investigation published last week, we now know that a wide range of would-be social media stars, talking heads, “influencers” and other assorted fame whores are less popular than they would have us believe.


BY Simon Dumenco




The Most Successful Brands Focus on Users — Not Buyers

In the 1980s, Apple’s groundbreaking “1984” ad, set the stage for a new era of show-stopping ads for the Super Bowl. The ad sparked a creative revolution among advertisers and garnered massive media attention.

By the 1990s, companies sought bragging rights for making the best ad of the night — and a “creative bowl” kicked off. In the video above, we explain how Super Bowl commercials have now become a television event unto themselves.


BY Liliana Llamas







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