The Week In Branded Content (20th July)

The Week In Branded Content (20th July)

“Given that Instagram wasn’t even launched a decade ago and today counts more than 800 million active monthly users, I have no doubt that [what’s ahead for] the ad industry will look absolutely nothing like it does today,”

– Jennifer Breithaupt / Global Consumer CMO / Citi






Huawei Launches First Photo Contest Co-Judged by a Phone AI

Huawei has announced the world’s photography competition to be co-judged by artificial intelligence on a phone. It’s called the “Spark a RenAIssance Photo Challenge.”>In addition to being evaluated by a professional Leica photographer, every photo is first judged by the Huawei P20 aPro smartphone. When the P20 Pro was announced back in March 2018, Huawei touted the phone’s Master AI that provides a host of AI-driven photo features, including AI-Assisted Composition.




Coors, Nat Geo follow 2 explorers on branded content adventure

National Geographic teamed with Coors Light on a branded content partnership titled “My Next,” per details provided in an email to Marketing Dive.
The effort, part of Coors’ “thirst for more” platform and made with parent company MillerCoors’ agency, Connect, sent two Nat Geo explorers and film crews on expeditions to discover new adventures. Submarine pilot Erika Bergman began studying howler monkeys in Costa Rica, while geologist Andres Ruzo left the Amazon River to study the tundra in Iceland.


BY Erica Sweeney




‘The Real World’ Meets ‘The Real Thing’: Coca-Cola Debuts ‘One Last Summer’ Docuseries

In a new digital docuseries titled “One Last Summer”, Coca-Cola tags along with a group of friends in Plainfield, Illinois, as they share their last few months together before heading off to college.

Over the course of four 10-minute episodes – which are rolling out on the Coca-Cola YouTube channel in the coming weeks – Coca-Cola plays a key role in the teens’ hangouts, heart-to-heart chats and new adventures.


BY Jay Moye



A Fortnite-themed talk show is coming to Twitch

Science-and entertainment-focused publisher Inverse is the latest to jump on Twitch, the live streaming service owned by Amazon. But while a few other publishers including The Washington Post, Cheddar and BuzzFeed are trying to appeal to the news-curious on Twitch, Inverse is sticking to what Twitch is best known for: gaming.

The publisher is launching a new talk show that drafts off the popularity of cultural sensation Fortnite, which has some 125 million players and generated $315 million in revenue in June. Fortnite’s crossover appeal is huge; Twitch broke a record for most-viewed stream by a single player when pro-gamer Ninja was joined by Drake and played while discussing pizza and the game itself.


By Lucia Moses





A gorgeously filmed, dramatic cliff dive gives Adidas a chance to highlight he highly topical issue of plastic pollution in the oceans, in a new film the brand has made in collaboration with environmental group Parley for the Oceans.

The three minute branded content piece, directed by Matthias Hoene via Miniac Films, stars German diver Anna Bader as she prepares to dive off Kahekili’s Leap on the south shore of Hawaii. As she gears up for the (frankly terrifying-looking) dive, she reflects on the pollution that is ruining or oceans, even in some remote places.


BY Alexandra Jardine



There’s a Nap Store Coming to Manhattan

In today’s e-commerce scene, branding focused on providing customers excitement—an experience rather than just a product—is becoming de rigueur. The last thing you want to do is put people to sleep.

Until now.

The $15 billion mattress industry is fully attuned to the growing American fascination with good sleep. That trend is fueling the rise of online sellers who are simplifying the process and luring customers with lower-than-store prices, free shipping and a no-risk three-month trial.


BY Janine Wolf




The UK’s favourite YouTube ads: Beats by Dre draws big audiences with World Cup film

Achieving 17 million views for a film of more than four minutes long, Beats by Dre offers a casebook example of how to draw in the YouTube audience and keep them watching.

Beats by Dre’s film is a fast-paced journey from Russia to the homes of famous footballers – and from obstacle to victory.

The imagery makes the connection between music and football – two of YouTube’s most sought-out subjects – and plays out an inspirational message of courage and dedication in the face of adversity. The players are seen wearing Beats’ Decade Collection headphones

Part of the brand’s “Made defiant” campaign, this short film was directed by Guy Ritchie, who is best known for films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Sherlock Holmes.


BY Suzanne Bidlake



Visa renames Southgate tube station ‘Gareth’ to welcome England football team home

Visa has arranged for Transport for London to rename Southgate tube station in North London as “Gareth Southgate” for two days as one of two tributes to the performance of England’s football team.
TfL and Visa are spreading news and images of the temporary rebrand on social media today, while Visa also posted this “Welcome Home” message yesterday.


BY Daniel Farey-Jones




Inside the New James Bond Installation on Top of an Austrian Mountain

THR takes a tour of ‘007 Elements,’ a “James Bond cinematic experience,” built like a secret Blofeld lair some 10,000 feet above sea level.
The summit of a mountain around 10,000 feet above sea level might not seem the obvious location for a museum dedicated to one sole film franchise. But when that franchise is James Bond, such extreme geographical positioning starts to make sense.


BY Alex Ritman







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