The Week In Branded Content (16th Nov)

The Week In Branded Content (16th Nov)

“All 8.6 million New York City residents not employed by Amazon or an Amazon subsidiary are prohibited from using MTA trains, effective immediately, if you enter a subway station and cannot prove you work for Jeff Bezos, you will be arrested. If you insist on getting around New York, you can take the bus so long as you’re not planning on transferring to the train later. I think the easiest thing residents can do in lieu of the taking the subway is to drive to their destination and park nearby.”

– Fake Mayor De Blasio – (Spoof From the Onion)






Trumpy Bear Official Commercial!

In addition to being the unofficial press shop of Donald Trump’s White House, Fox News is happy to advertise pro-Trump merchandise of sub-Spencer Gifts quality, such as the baffling Trumpy Bear. For the uninitiated, the Trumpy Bear is a teddy bear with a patch of dry straw on its head and an absurdly long tie styled as a loving tribute to the commander-in-chief. There’s also an American flag blanket embedded in Trumpy Bear’s spinal column for you to pull out and wrap yourself in while watching Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade spin Trump getting his head stuck in a toilet as a bold, meticulously planned political gambit.

BY Trumpy Bear



JFK Library Foundation Launches Campaign Anchored By @JohnFKennedy

Twitter has a new tweeter, sort of—JFK. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation launched the verified @JohnFKennedy Twitter handle today to introduce the late president’s iconic ideas and messages to a new generation. The activation of @JohnFKennedy on Twitter kicks off the Foundation’s “Words Count” campaign, created by The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA.”


BY Steve McClellan




Watch céline dion liberate babies from the gender binary with glitter

We’ve finally figured out why on earth Céline Dion ended her Las Vegas Residency after eight years at Caesars Palace. She’s been plotting to overturn the gender binary. How? By breaking into children’s hospitals, and sprinkling black glitter on newborn boys and girls, to the point where their symbols of oppression (pink and blue male/female symbols on the wall) are turned into black and white plus signs. The babies are also magically outfitted in new digs, touting a “new order.” A genderless order, we suspect. At least, that’s according to the video for her gender-neutral kids clothing line, CELINUNUNU, that dropped today. In the video, Céline with an é is quickly found by security guards, chased through the hospital and arrested, before uttering these last words: “Guys relax, easy. I’m Céline Dion.”


BY Nicole DeMarco



After NRA Mocks Doctors, Physicians Reply: ‘This Is Our Lane’

A mocking tweet from the National Rifle Association has stirred many physicians to post on social media about their tragically frequent experiences treating patients in the aftermath of gun violence. “Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane,” the NRA tweeted on Thursday. “Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves.”






New York City Announces Subway Just For Amazon Employees Now (Spoof by The Onion)

Championing the decision as a necessary step to make the “Big Apple” more tech-friendly, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that the subway is just for Amazon employees now. “All 8.6 million New York City residents not employed by Amazon or an Amazon subsidiary are prohibited from using MTA trains, effective immediately,” said de Blasio, adding that the transit system’s 27 subway lines will now exclusively serve as shuttles for the roughly 25,000 Amazon employees to commute through the five boroughs.


BY Complex



Iceland deploys animatronic orangutan as part of anti-palm oil campaign

Iceland has sought to amplify the anti-deforestation sentiment sparked by its “banned” Christmas ad by taking a life-size animatronic orangutan around London. The seasonal stunt from Taylor Herring launched yesterday with an adult orangutan clinging to a Christmas tree in Coin Street on the South Bank, before heading to Oxford Street and the riverside opposite the Houses of Parliament.


BY Magda Ibrahim




The Best Marketing Material Is Something Your Audience Would Miss If They Stopped Receiving It

More than 20 years ago, in Permission Marketing, I narrated the beginning of a revolution.It’s about attention. Scarce attention. Marketers had been stealing it, abusing it and wasting it. Spam was free, so spam some more. Spam, spam, spam.Email spam, sure, but all sorts of spam. Constant efforts to steal our attention and precious time, which we can’t get back.


BY Seth Godin



The Question and Answer Economy : How Customer Questions Drive Revenue Growth

The single greatest advance of the last quarter century is the internet and the subsequent democratization of all of the worlds information. The benefits are obvious and realized collectively. Far beyond just providing access to more data, new revolutionary patterns of thinking and breakthrough possibilities in technology have emerged.Any piece of information or data is instantaneously available to anyone, anywhere on a supercomputer that fits in a pocket.


BY Jason Pfaff




Top 10 reasons why the ICO model failed

The first iteration of the ICO model had serious design flaws. The lack of rules, regulations and sanity turned a great idea into a playground for scammers and fraudsters. I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons, in no particular order, why the ICO v1.0 is losing steam.
That doesn’t mean the tokensale concept itself will disappear. It will not. It will simply evolve and mature.


BY Alex Kleydints







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