This Week In Branded Content (March 31)
Apr 03, 2017

“So why wouldn’t you use sponsors as a means by which you can – by working with them and by helping them do things that they haven’t been able to do traditionally – turn up the volume on the sport, showing how exciting it is through all of their campaigns?” – John Allert, CMO / […]

This Week In Branded Content (March 24)
Mar 27, 2017

“We may look back at self-expression as the terrible deadening conformity of our time. It doesn’t mean it’s bad and it doesn’t mean it’s a fake thing. It’s gotten so that everyone does it–so what’s the point? Everyone expresses themselves every day.” – Adam Curtis   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST […]

This Week In Branded Content (March 17)
Mar 22, 2017

“A meme is a package that conveys the idea of a unit of cultural transmission or a unit of imitation” – Richard Dawkins – Author /Coiner Of The Word ‘Meme’   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING Trailer Blazers With Walter Isaacson And Dell We tell the unexpected stories of digital […]

This Week In Branded Content (March 10)
Mar 20, 2017

“You don’t have to advertise anymore – it should be entertainment. There are thousands of opportunities each day to be entertained by information. The whole point is don’t advertise, entertain. And GIFs get a message across in seconds. They’re more than an image, but less disruptive than a video. They’re the perfect form of visual […]

This Week In Branded Content (March 3)
Mar 06, 2017

“We believe that in the content-connectivity equation, the weight is now starting to move to the content side, both premium and native digital.” – CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING KFC’s “Clean Eating” Burger Was A Prank To Launch Something Much Dirtier The news came […]

This Week In Branded Content (Feb. 24)
Feb 27, 2017

“But let’s say he can acquire massive amounts of negative publicity by pissing off people in the media? Well now all of a sudden someone is absorbing the cost of this inefficient form of marketing for him. If a CNN story reaches 100,000 people, that’s 90,000 people all patting themselves on the back for how […]

This Week In Branded Content (Feb. 17)
Feb 20, 2017

“In a world where anyone can distribute products instantly and provide them for free, the best way to compete is by innovating to create the most engaging products. That’s because it’s difficult to use distribution or cost as a competitive advantage—new software is available to users immediately, and for free. We believe this means that […]

This Week In Branded Content (Feb. 10)
Feb 13, 2017

“”Kendrick Lamar is widely praised for his social commentary, but he also sells Reebok trainers. By stripping away physical revenue streams, the invisible omnipresence of the internet has rendered culture more dependant upon corporate sponsorship than ever before. It’s quite telling that dance music, a genre whose ambiguous form passively abets apoliticism, is the dominant […]

This Week In Branded Content (Feb. 3)
Feb 06, 2017

“”In fact, products and politicians designed for the TV age — that is, meant to be palatable to the greatest number of people — are at a fundamental disadvantage on platforms like Facebook. The products and politicians that win inspire passion, stirring up a level of engagement that breaks through on a scale that far […]

This Week In Branded Content (Jan. 27)
Jan 30, 2017

““To me I’ve got to be able to answer one question with every deal I do, whether I’m buying a film or producing films — ‘Is this content going to be better and more successful because of our partnership? If the answer to that is yes, the chances are it’s an authentic and natural relationship.”” […]

This Week In Branded Content (Jan. 20)
Jan 23, 2017

“”At Apple Music, what we’re trying to create is an entire cultural, pop cultural experience, and that happens to include audio and video. If South Park walks into my office, I am not going to say you’re not musicians, you know? We’re going to do whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose. We’re going […]

This Week In Branded Content (Jan. 13)
Jan 17, 2017

““Memes have a tendency to resurge, you’ll have a meme gain popularity, die out in a month, and then a year later suddenly it’s very popular again. Kermit has had three iterations that have died and then come back.”” – Brandon Wink / Founder – Meme Economy   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS […]