This Week In Branded Content (August 11)
Aug 11, 2017

“VR is in this stage where progress is going to be really fast. Artistic mediums go through phases where progress happens really rapidly, and then other moments where it slows down. VR is in that moment where its progress is going to be exponential.” – Doug Limon / Film Director   –   VIDEO OF […]

This Week In Branded Content (August 4)
Aug 04, 2017

“We all live in a city called the attention economy. Trump is our first ’Attention President’" – Tristan Harris / CEO of Time Well Spent   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING   Bud Highlights Immigrants' Contribution To America In Branded Content Film Following on from this year's Super Bowl ad, […]

This Week In Branded Content (July 28)
Jul 28, 2017

“We’re going to recreate Russian courtrooms, a real Russian labor colony, solitary confinement cells, priests who shout about banning abortions and many more absurd, but real-life things that exist in Russia today. We’ll take you on a journey from the cathedral altar deep into the vaults of the Kremlin itself. Hopefully, this is a journey […]

This Week In Branded Content (July 21)
Jul 21, 2017

“The idea was that you don’t depart from a very human scale of storytelling. You don’t cut away to generals in rooms with maps kind of, you know, talking about the politics or the history or whatever. You just stick with what people at the time would have seen and experienced.” – Christopher Nolan   […]

This Week In Branded Content (July 14)
Jul 14, 2017

“I’m coming up with a line of suits. Not just suits, jeans, clothes, the whole lot. Its going to be in retail stores and we are going to build an online shopping site to rival Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter’s a big business! And I get to design clothes. I love fashion. Fashion is very similar to fighting. […]

This Week In Branded Content (July 7)
Jul 07, 2017

“Everything hip-hop touches is transformed by the encounter, especially things like language and brands, which leave themselves open to constant redefinition…. Cristal means one thing; but hip-hop gave its definition some new entries.” – Jay-Z   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING New Volvo Trucks Stunt Involves World Record Setting 3-Year-Old […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 30)
Jun 30, 2017

“We found we were producing ads constantly in order to be in the real-time digital age. Rather than cutting through the clutter it was just adding to the clutter. And it was adding to the noise. Stop the noise and focus on raising the bar of the creative craft.” – Marc Pritchard at Cannes / […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 23)
Jun 23, 2017

“Media companies are like serfs working Facebook’s land.” – Jason Kint /CEO of Digital Content Next   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING Harley-Davidson Embraces Diversity Canadians have been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 100 years, and a new campaign built around a series of documentaries aims to reflect the diverse range […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 16)
Jun 16, 2017

“My two favorite models of advertising at its most inspired are Citi Bike and The Lego Movie: One created an entirely new media channel out of metal, rubber, and connectivity and literally replaced uselessness with something that reduces my waistline and carbon footprint. The other made the real thing, actual entertainment, often referred to as […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 9)
Jun 09, 2017

“I’d learned this the hard way, by making mistakes at my last company. I studied engineering at university, and I’ve always been extremely analytical. I used to create processes for every single thing. But eventually the most creative people started to leave. I realised that processes exist so leaders can explain to themselves how the […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 2)
Jun 02, 2017

  “This always seems to be the way with technological innovation. As much as it is a vector of negative disruption – corruption indeed – it is also the vector of progress and improvement. In 1450 there were no printed books in the world, by 1500 there were millions.” – Stephen Fry / Actor   […]

This Week In Branded Content (May 25)
May 26, 2017

“I always think of Jamie Foxx as an Academy Award winner, as an actor from ‘Ray’ and ‘Django Unchained. But then you see him on ‘Beat Shazam.’ He loves music and he loves an audience. And the audience — when he walks onto the stage, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. He’s such a big […]