This Week In Branded Content (June 23)
Jun 23, 2017

“Media companies are like serfs working Facebook’s land.” – Jason Kint /CEO of Digital Content Next   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING Harley-Davidson Embraces Diversity Canadians have been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 100 years, and a new campaign built around a series of documentaries aims to reflect the diverse range […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 16)
Jun 16, 2017

“My two favorite models of advertising at its most inspired are Citi Bike and The Lego Movie: One created an entirely new media channel out of metal, rubber, and connectivity and literally replaced uselessness with something that reduces my waistline and carbon footprint. The other made the real thing, actual entertainment, often referred to as […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 9)
Jun 09, 2017

“I’d learned this the hard way, by making mistakes at my last company. I studied engineering at university, and I’ve always been extremely analytical. I used to create processes for every single thing. But eventually the most creative people started to leave. I realised that processes exist so leaders can explain to themselves how the […]

This Week In Branded Content (June 2)
Jun 02, 2017

  “This always seems to be the way with technological innovation. As much as it is a vector of negative disruption – corruption indeed – it is also the vector of progress and improvement. In 1450 there were no printed books in the world, by 1500 there were millions.” – Stephen Fry / Actor   […]

This Week In Branded Content (May 25)
May 26, 2017

“I always think of Jamie Foxx as an Academy Award winner, as an actor from ‘Ray’ and ‘Django Unchained. But then you see him on ‘Beat Shazam.’ He loves music and he loves an audience. And the audience — when he walks onto the stage, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. He’s such a big […]

This Week In Branded Content (May 11)
May 22, 2017

“They (Amazon) undoubtedly own the bottom of the funnel — the people who are on their site or leveraging search have already expressed intent to purchase, now they’re trying to figure out how to work their way up the funnel, leveraging a richer set of signals about its audience’s interests and motivations.” – Tom Buontempo, […]

This Week In Branded Content (May 5)
May 22, 2017

“Don’t put your usual brand umbrella over a project like this. When you start briefing directors, script writers, and even actors very specifically about your brand values and how you want everything to be perceived, you’re really moving away from branded content. You’ll just end up with a longer TV spot that you designed by […]

This Week In Branded Content (May 19)
May 22, 2017

“But now what we’re seeing more and more is that the brands that are succeeding are the ones that are really being useful at helping people. Let’s go beyond the emotional stuff sometimes. Enough of trying to just connect me to some emotional state or aspiration out there, where everybody sits in a circle singing […]

This Week In Branded Content (April 21)
Apr 24, 2017

“The price of a can of soda in a vending machine can now vary with the temperature outside.” – Jerry Useem in The Atlantic   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING   Kendrick Lamar – DNA. The Official music video for Kendrick Lamar’s latest single Damn, co-starring Don Cheadle and launched […]

This Week In Branded Content (April 14)
Apr 17, 2017

“But then there’s some, like the Hulus and Netflix, where they don’t have advertising but we’re still working with them to figure out how we can get at least our brand impressions there. So I think there will be innovations in how advertising is done.” – Marc Pritchard / CBO P&G   –   VIDEO […]

This Week In Branded Content (April 7)
Apr 10, 2017

“Branded content is the worst term in the world for a brilliant new type of creative idea.” – Chair / Brand Film Festival   –   VIDEO OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’S MOST INTERESTING   Kenneth Cole Teams With Aloe Blacc On Find Your Bold Campaign Kenneth Cole is searching for the next big thing […]

This Week In Branded Content (March 31)
Apr 03, 2017

“So why wouldn’t you use sponsors as a means by which you can – by working with them and by helping them do things that they haven’t been able to do traditionally – turn up the volume on the sport, showing how exciting it is through all of their campaigns?” – John Allert, CMO / […]