Big Picture Entertainment Creates New Content Studio
Feb 03, 2015

Big Picture Entertainment, a film marketing agency has launched Rec Room, to make original content for Hollywood. The studio will focus on helping their clients find projects that suit them, and will operate separately from Big Picture Entertainment. To read the article click here.

The World’s Only Tampon Video Game
Feb 03, 2015

Two teenage girls created an app to change the stigma of girls having their periods. They wanted to make people laugh and feel more comfortable about it, and it seems to be working quite well. To read the article click here.

Native Advertising and What’s Next
Jan 30, 2015

Jon Salm writes about the emerging industry of native advertising and how it is very closely connected to both advertising and editorial content.  Salm also writes about how important creating good native advertising is in order for the piece to succeed, and what is next in the industry.  To read the article click here.

The Americans Used Whisper to Create Great Branded Content
Jan 30, 2015

Michelle Castillo writes for AdWeek about how the show The Americans used a social app where people post things anonymously to promote their new season.  To see how they did it, click here.    

Launching Branded.TV
Jan 23, 2015

In this article Tom Bannister writes about the launching of Branded.TV and how it will help executives understand the new landscape. To see the article click here.