Branded Entertainment in a Time of Programmatic
Feb 26, 2015

By Tom Bannister Interesting article in the WSJ last week about branded entertainment’s place with the rise of programmatic. A few days later we say the announcement of YouTube’s new branded entertainment rules preventing branded overlays and branded title cards. These two items do seem related as overlays and title cards are just about the only […]

Mazda Works with Mission Motorsport to Create a Documentary on Their Work
Feb 25, 2015

Mazda is working on a documentary with Mission Motorsport about their charity and the event Mazda sponsored.  To see what they did, click here.

Brand Channel: Quinn Kilbury on Soccer in the US
Feb 24, 2015

Brand Channel talks with Heineken’s brand director about their attempt to make soccer more popular in the US. To read more click here.

Spike Lee Joins Complex Advisory Board
Feb 24, 2015

  Spike Lee is joining Complex as an advisor for their video and branding department.  In return Complex will have access to Lee’s companies.  To read more click here.

A Target Commercial during the Grammys
Feb 20, 2015

Forbes write about Imagine Dragon’s performance outside, in Las Vegas and how it was the band has partnered with Target, although they are not the first musicians to do so. To read more click here.

Brand Channel: Oakley Highlights Athletes’
Feb 16, 2015

  Oakley is trying to differentiate themselves from the fashion turned active ware brand of sunglasses. And using athletes from all over the world to do so.  To read more click here.

BrandChannel: Cadillac Reveals New Campaign
Feb 16, 2015

Cadillac is rebranding to reach the younger generations and not be thought of as “their grandparent’s car”.  They are launching social media campaigns and videos to try to reach more technology savvy customers.  To read more click here.

Marketers Are Looking for Celebrities for Branded Content
Feb 16, 2015

  More and more brands are hopping on the bandwagon with getting celebrities to advertise their products and brands.  For example, JC Penney hired John Stamos to surprise their shoppers.  To read more click here.

Branded Content Helps Farmer Speak for First Time in Years
Feb 13, 2015

Not Impossible, a media and technology company, helped a farmer say “I love you” to his wife for the first time in a long time.  The farmer was diagnosed with ALS and hasn’t been able to speak since 1999. To see the whole story and watch the video click here.

Virtual Reality and Branded Entertainment
Feb 13, 2015

By Tom Bannister Both brands and virtual reality providers are beginning to hook up and execute partnerships. Virtual reality is positioning itself less as pure play entertainment and more as a experiential partner for consumer brands. At first glance there appears to be a lot of potential fit between brands and virtual reality. For example: […]

AdWeek: Obama’s BuzzFeed Video
Feb 12, 2015

  President Obama partnered up with BuzzFeed to create one of their original videos in order to promote his online healthcare system. It has been viewed over 42 million times. To read more and watch the video click here.

Audi UK Looks for Brands to Collaborate With
Feb 09, 2015

Audi is looking to collaborate with other brands in order to create new content to attract new customers.  But they aren’t looking for a quick fix- they know they have to do it right and seamlessly if they want it to be successful. To see more click here.